3 Questions for Contractors Seeking a Building Foundation Expert

One look around the Charleston region and it is evident the commercial construction industry is alive and well. From retail centers and hotels to restaurants and medical facilities, commercial contractors are busy creating a variety of new structures to accommodate Charleston’s growing population. Regardless of the size, scope or ultimate function, each building needs a solid foundation, which means turning to a company that can lay the groundwork for a … Read More

How a Grief Support Group Can Help After a Loss

After losing a spouse, child or close family member, it’s hard not to just crawl into bed and ignore the chiming doorbell or ringing phone. Eating a meal or taking a shower can be incredibly challenging, so the idea of carrying on a conversation with others seems like a monumental task. And while some alone time to deal with the initial emotion and shock is part of the grieving process, … Read More

Why You Need an Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney

  "If I Can't Make Your Case Better - I'll Tell You What To Do"   A work-related injury – especially a severe one requiring extensive medical care – can cause serious hardship. Not only does the employee have to deal with the injury, treatment and recovery, but they are also facing the stress of whether they can return to work and the hardship placed on their family. Workers’ compensation … Read More

Tall Ships, a Part of Charleston's Maritime History

Photo provided by: Priscilla Parker Even a first-time visitor to Charleston can take a look around and see the city has deep maritime roots. The area's first inhabitants arrived via ship and settled into this southern city by the sea. The Cooper and Ashley Rivers, plus the nearby Atlantic Ocean turned Charleston into a wealthy seaport, exporting rice, indigo and cotton. By 1750, Charleston was a bustling trade center for … Read More

The Brand New Model at Stonoview is Now Open

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JOHNS ISLAND, SC - Those who love the outdoor Lowcountry lifestyle will find themselves at home in Johns Island's newest riverfront community, Stonoview: developed and built by Lennar Homes starting in the mid $300s.Nestled along the banks of the Stono River, just seven miles from downtown Charleston, Stonoview embodies everything that makes the Lowcountry such a sought-after place to call home. In this community, natural beauty abounds. Homes are built … Read More

Locals Guide to 48 Hours in Charleston

As a Charleston area local, when was the last time you played tourist in your own town? Is it only when family comes to visit that you stroll on the beach, take in a show or dine at one of the area's culinary gems? It's time you remember exactly what drew you to the Lowcountry in the first place. So, block off a weekend or take a couple days off … Read More

3 Charleston Day Trips Worth Your Time

There's more to life in Charleston carriage tours and beaches. This time of year, the crowds start bearing down on you and traffic begins to make your blood boil. Don't you wish that there was a way to get away from the rush? A way to experience a slower, more relaxed side of the Lowcountry? It's more than a dream - it's actually a reality. Just a few miles north … Read More

How to Train Students to Navigate the 'Internet of Things'

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Blog posts, videos, tweets, commercials, TV news, articles, Facebook posts, e-books and white papers - the amount of information created on a daily basis is mind-boggling. In fact, IBM reports that every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, and 90 percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. To create and access all that information, people rely on electronic, … Read More

Can You Identify These Common House Foundation Issues?

How many times have you heard someone dismiss foundation cracks as simply an old house that's "settling"? Ignoring foundation problems such as cracks and uneven floors can lead to serious - and expensive - problems down the road. Homes are built on dirt and, over time, that dirt will shift and settle. Clay, for example, will contract and expand depending on the moisture. Sand will erode after significant rainfall or … Read More

Eating in Season Never Tasted so Good

Eating well in South Carolina has never been so easy. With restaurants sourcing local fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats, and farmers markets popping up in every community, it's not hard to have fresh, local food on your plate.Over the years, we've grown accustomed to getting whatever fruits and vegetables we want from the grocery store at any time of the year. Shoppers forgot produce has a season and that strawberries … Read More

Complete the Table to Farm Circle with Commercial Food Recycling

It's unlikely you eat every morsel from your plate every time you dine at a restaurant. Sure, you might take some of it home, but not if the leftovers amount to a few bites. But a few bites left on every plate adds up to plenty of food waste. Food is what Americans throw away the most, accounting for 21 percent (35.2 million tons) of the nation's waste in 2013, … Read More

New Johns Island Community All About Lowcountry Living

When you make the decision to settle in Charleston, it's likely because of the incredible beauty, the water views and the endless blue skies. So, when you're thinking about where to live in the Lowcountry, it makes sense to select a community that puts all those incredible attributes on display.Nestled into the natural setting of the Lowcountry with unobstructed views of the Stono River, Stonoview embodies everything locals love about … Read More

Think Waterfront Living in Charleston is Out of Reach? Meet Stonoview on Johns Island.

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JOHNS ISLAND,SC - Those who love the outdoor Lowcountry lifestyle will find themselves at home in Johns Island's newest riverfront community, Stonoview: developed and built by Lennar. Homes starting in the mid $300s.Nestled along the banks of the Stono River, just seven miles from downtown Charleston, Stonoview embodies everything that makes the Lowcountry such a sought-after place to call home. In this community, natural beauty abounds. Homes are built around … Read More

Charleston's Top Exclusive Buyer's Agents

CeCe StricklandDavid Kent Prior to founding The Real Buyer’s Agent, David Kent worked as a home builder for years. Thanks in part to his close connection to the real estate industry, friends and family often approached him for advice or assistance when buying a home and he quickly saw a unique need to fill: There were no real estate agents in Charleston who worked exclusively for home buyers. So he … Read More

4 Expert Answers to VA Home Loan Questions

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There are many options for financing a home purchase, but if you're a veteran, active military or reserve member, a Veterans Administration home loan can be one of the best benefits of a military career.The VA guarantees a portion of the mortgage, allowing private lenders to lend with greater confidence. The requirements and provisions of the VA home loan system are complex, and can confuse borrowers and lenders alike.So here … Read More

How Social Media Can Give Your Business a Boost

With more than 2.3 billion active users and more than 1.9 billion mobile users globally, social media presents a huge opportunity for brands. In fact, 83 percent of all marketers say they use social media as part of their marketing efforts. If you're a business owner, you probably have a Facebook page and maybe even a Twitter account. But are you actually using social media to its full advantage? Here … Read More

Tucked Away Near King Street is an Alley Filled with Dining Options

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Both locals and visitors to Charleston are drawn to the picturesque alleyways tucked between commercial buildings and historic homes all around downtown. These shady spaces are a cool respite in the heat of the summer. They are a charming backdrop for a quick selfie or a professional photo shoot. They are Charleston's hidden gems.One such alley is not only a beautiful space, but also home to some of Charleston's best … Read More

Get to Know Three Tall Ships from Charleston and Beyond

Photo provided by: Priscilla Parker Imagine life aboard a Tall Ship - the billowing sails, the creaking of timber, and the slap of the rigging as the magnificent vessel plows through the waves. Imagine the excitement of the crew when the words "Whales!" or "Land ho!" are shouted from the crow's nest by the lookout. Well, you don't have to just imagine. Experience it for yourself at the Tall Ships … Read More

Kick the Clutter with These Spring Cleaning Tips

The bees are buzzing and temperatures are rising - have you gotten the urge to start cleaning house yet? If you have the spring cleaning bug, you're not alone. In fact, a 2013 survey for the American Cleaning Institute found more than 70 percent of people engage in some form of spring cleaning each year. The top three rooms to get a spruce up are the bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms. … Read More

Charleston Real Estate Agents Honored as Top in the Market

In a community with such a booming real estate market, countless residential and commercial real estate agents are hard at work, helping homeowners and business owners find the perfect property.But in 2016, two agents rose to the top. The Charleston Trident Association of Realtors® (CTAR) honors one commercial and one residential Realtor® each year as nominated by their peers and colleagues.Ann Whalen was honored as the 2016 Residential Realtor® of … Read More

3 Reasons to Spend Your Tax Refund on Your Roof

Getting a tax refund this year? Why not take that money and invest it back into your greatest asset - your home. If you haven't done any roof maintenance lately, there's no time like the present. The sooner you make repairs or replace your roof, the better off you'll be. Here are 3 smart reasons to spend this year's tax refund on your roof. 1. Spend a little now and … Read More

Marking the Death of a Loved One: 6 Ways to Celebrate Their Life

After a loved one passes away, everyday life takes on an entirely new tone. In particular, after the loss of a spouse or a child who has been with you day in and day out for years or even decades, simple tasks like morning coffee, grocery shopping and watching television are suddenly different. The loss becomes less profound as the days progress and time begins to ever so slightly heal … Read More

Weight Loss Left to Your Own Devices: How Technology Can Help You Manage Your Weight

For decades people have turned to gadgets and gear for help with weight loss. Think vibrating belt machines, exercise sauna suits, devices to pace your chewing, and nylon waist cords to alert you to a weight gain (until you cut them off!). Nowadays we have scores of new digital devices to assist with weight control efforts. While the jury is still out on their direct effects on weight loss, they … Read More

Perfect Mother's Day Ideas to Give Mom the Gift of You

What's the best thing you can give your mom for Mother's Day? Some quality time with her favorite child (shhh, don't tell your siblings). From Bluffton to Savannah, there are plenty of ways to treat your mom to a special day out or a full weekend of activities. Put the 39th annual Bluffton Village Festival - known to locals as Mayfest - on your calendar. This full-day festival on Saturday, … Read More

Neglecting Your Home's Crawl Space Could Cost You Big

When was the last time you checked out the crawl space under your house? It's an area most homeowners avoid because no one relishes the ideas of crawling through cobwebs or encountering some creepy creatures in dark corners. But leave the crawl space unchecked and you could find yourself facing a serious foundation issue. The crawl space is part of your home's overall structural system and if it begins to … Read More

Carriage Properties: Unquestioned Leader in the Charleston, South Carolina Luxury Real Estate Market

For Carriage Properties, decades of combined luxury real estate experience and unmatched market knowledge are vital when representing potential buyers in the luxury market. Most buyers of a $1 million-plus property see this market as a key component of their real estate portfolio, often one of their many real estate investments. So, when considering that potential investment, savvy buyers and sellers turn to Charleston’s leading luxury real estate fi rm, … Read More

In These Communities, the Natural Surroundings are the Star

FrontDoor Communities builds homes of classic distinction in master planned communities and other neighborhoods in Charleston as well as Atlanta, Georgia, and Naples, Florida. In just a few years, the company has established a reputation for superior workmanship using only the highest-quality materials and latest in architectural designs. Plus, its customer service is unmatched in the industry. That might be a description applied to several builders in the Charleston area … Read More

How One Museum is Breaking Down the Barriers to Play

The Children's Museum of the Lowcountry is a place where caregivers can let the kids burn off some energy: where children can zip from activity to activity - crafting a masterpiece in the Art Room or filling their pint-sized shopping carts with pretend fruits and vegetables. But these activities are more than just fun ways to spend the day. Play-based learning is a proven key to early childhood brain development, … Read More

Venus Williams' Top 10 Moments at the Volvo Car Open

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Venus Williams is tennis. Even people who don't play or watch tennis on a regular basis are familiar with Williams' powerhouse performances. She and younger sister Serena Williams have been winning matches and securing titles since their teens. Now in her mid-30s, Venus Williams remains a world-class tennis star with four Olympic gold medals and a host of other top tennis titles. Williams returns to the Volvo Car Open on … Read More

April Event Showcases College Partnerships with Tech Industry

Over the last decade, Charleston has solidified its reputation as a Southern hub of technological innovation. From high-tech manufacturers to software startups, Charleston is on the cutting edge. It's home to more than 250 tech companies, and in 2015 was ranked the No. 1 mid-sized metro for millennials. Helping to fuel that technological boom - and the rapidly growing need for skilled workers - is the College of Charleston's Department … Read More

Homebuyers in Charleston are spoiled for choice more than ever thanks to new construction home builders like Dan Ryan Builders

Since entering the Charleston market 11 years ago, Dan Ryan Builders has expanded and currently builds in eight communities across the area from James Island to Summerville and has won the “Builder of Integrity” award consecutively every year since 2008, as well as the prestigious Hearthstone Builder Humanitarian Award in 2015. To Dan Ryan Builders, it’s not about winning awards, or even about creating neighborhoods, but about helping people realize … Read More

Georgia's Favorite Reasons To Live Downtown

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The wonderful culture and abundance of festivals leave little to be desired when living downtown. Georgia loves going to the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition events. "Animals truly hold a special place in my heart and this event showcases the beauty of wildlife and nature." The annual Wine and Food Festival, Piccolo Spoleto and Spoleto Festival USA held in the Spring and Summer are not to be missed.   Downtown is known … Read More

Don't Miss The Opening Of Stratton By The Sound, True To Mount Pleasant.

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Join us for the Grand Opening celebration of a very special community and lifestyle. Stratton by the Sound was created as a timeless reflection of the natural lowcountry beauty that surrounds it. Majestic rivers, winding creeks and serene salt marsh expanses all create a sense of arrival, of coming home to a place that has always been here for you. Stratton by the Sound offers a uniquely balanced life. A peaceful … Read More

Citadel Study on Roundabouts to Help Guide Future Development

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As populations surge and traffic concerns grow, transportation engineers are becoming increasingly interested in how roundabouts can keep traffic moving and cut down on accidents. Dimitra Michalaka, assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at The Citadel, has been researching select roundabouts in Beaufort, Berkeley, Horry and Charleston counties. Over the last three years, Michalaka and six students from The Citadel have looked at 49 roundabouts (collecting … Read More

Pass the Chicken Wings at Annual Festival Fundraiser

Chicken wings are a bit like potato chips - you can't eat just one. And that's definitely the case at the annual Hilton Head Wingfest where attendees gobble up 6,000 pounds of chicken wings. For more than 20 years, local restaurants and bands have combined with kids' activities and some friendly competition for a springtime festival organized by the Hilton Head Island Recreation Association. Here's what you need to know … Read More

5 Special Places in Charleston to Host a Memorial Service

Charleston has so many beautiful places that it's not unusual for people to choose a non-traditional location for a memorial service. It can be a great way to honor someone's love of nature, a favorite local park or simply an opportunity to gather friends and family in a lovely setting where they can share treasured memories. Here are 5 beautiful spots around Charleston that would make a special setting for … Read More

4 Natural Places to Get Fit in the Lowcountry

Technically the calendar hasn't turned to spring yet, but that doesn't matter here in the Lowcountry where sunshine and blue skies beckon residents to enjoy the natural beauty of the South Carolina coast. If your New Year's resolutions included exercise and fresh air or if you're just looking for a new spot to get in a hike or jog, you're in luck. Here are four spectacular places to get fit … Read More

Calling Them by Name: The Story of Freed Slaves' Transition to Freedom

The blistering sun and thick humid air hung over the sea island cotton fields as Pompey worked through the back breaking and tedious process of cultivating crops. The physical discomfort did little to discourage him. For the first time he was growing his own cotton, on his own land. People like Pompey Dawson, who became one of the leading cultivators of sea island cotton on James Island, and Isabella Pinckney, … Read More

4 Reasons to Put this Food Festival on Your Calendar

Sponsored by: Hilton Head Island Wine & Food Festival   For more than three decades, foodies have gathered in Hilton Head to celebrate this beach town’s culinary atmosphere in a picturesque setting. The Hilton Head Island Wine & Food Festival from March 8-12 includes a Sip and Stroll wine and shopping event, educational seminars and plenty of delicious food and wine at two tasting events. Here’s why it’s a must-attend … Read More

How to Make Search Marketing Work for Your Business

The internet has changed every aspect of our world, including advertising and marketing. Today, it's not enough to rely on traditional print or even TV ads - you need to be seen in the digital space to reach a modern audience. And the best way to be seen on the internet? Search engine marketing. Also known as "paid search," SEM refers to ads purchased on search engines in order to … Read More

Do Mid-Career Professionals Make the Best School Teachers?

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Sponsored by: The Citadel   It’s not uncommon for people to spend 10 or even 20 years in a particular career field and then decide to take an entirely new path. Sometimes they are military retirees, parents who want to re-enter the workforce after their children start school, or simply mid-career professionals looking for a change of pace and a way to make a difference. Those career changers often make … Read More

DockDogs the Stars of the Show at SEWE

Crowds pack Brittlebank Park, craning their necks to see how far the dogs will jump in the DockDogs competition. It's one of the must-do events at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. People of all ages cheer on the dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds - the ones who fly high and the ones who put on the brakes when they hit the edge of the pool. Deb Feller’s yellow Labrador … Read More

Artists Showcase Love of Wildlife, Varied Styles

Wildlife art takes center stage at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition Feb. 17-19 in Charleston. Collectors, admirers and wildlife lovers will be captivated by the incredible creations from artists around the globe. From sculpture and oil painting to watercolors and pastels, the variety of artwork comes to life at SEWE. These four artists featured at SEWE this year have completely different artistic styles but come together in their love of wildlife artwork.

Why Cuba Matters: Misperceptions about Cuba Today

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Cuba has made headlines quite a bit over the last two years. In December 2014, President Obama and Cuba’s President Raúl Castro announced a thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations. President-elect Donald Trump has promised to roll back what he says were one-sided concessions to the Castro regime that have not been reciprocated.

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