Summer Cocktail Stays Simple with Sweet Tea and Bourbon

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Bottles Summer Cocktail


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In the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd song, "Simple Man," a mother imparts wisdom to her son, urging him to be satisfied, follow his heart and be a "simple kind of man." It's a beautiful life lesson set to hard rock rhythms.
This summer, "Simple Man" has a new iteration as a cocktail now on the menu at Home Team BBQThe song's lyrics match the cocktail's ingredients: sweet tea, peach liqueur and Jim Beam bourbon. The blend of flavors embodies simple living and classic Southern dining.
Adam Rothstein, beverage director at Home Team BBQ, created the summertime cocktail to feature the traditional flavors in a fresh, new package.
"We try to strike a balance between the familiar and the unfamiliar," he says. "We might use an ingredient that's unfamiliar but packaged in an approachable way."
Falling into the "familiar" category is sweet tea, which is always available at Home Team and a classic beverage choice for any Southern barbecue platter.
The "Simple Man" cocktail recipe calls for high-proof Jim Beam bourbon, Giffard's Crème de Pêche de vigne (a peach liqueur), a little lime juice and some simple syrup and bitters. Shake it up and pour it over frozen sweet tea cubes.

Simple Man

1.75 Oz Jim Beam Bonded
.5 oz Giffard Peche de Vigne
.75 oz lime juice
.5 oz simple syrup
2 dashes angostura bitters

"This ongoing collaboration with some of our partners around town is a fun way to highlight great cocktails in the community, and gives customers a chance to recreate the drinks they love at home," says Travis Hartong of Bottles.
"'Simple Man' is light and refreshing — perfect for the July heat — and we have all the ingredients you need to make it at Bottles."
The cocktail changes as you drink it, starting peachy and bright and then becoming sweeter as the tea cubes melt, Rothstein says.
“Simple Man” is part of Home Team’s new summer drinks menu. And the song title-inspired name ties both to the restaurant’s musical theme and the overall simplicity of the cocktail.
“It’s easy to overthink cocktails,” Rothstein says. “For me, this was about keeping it simple and highlighting the great flavor profile of the South.
The cocktail is easy to replicate at home, said Rothstein, noting that it makes a great punch for a summer party or picnic. All the ingredients to make “Simple Man” are available at Bottles Beverage Superstore in Mount Pleasant.
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