5 Holiday Drink Picks and Beverage Specials

Nothing says the end-of-the-year holidays like the traditions of family gatherings, big meals and the alcoholic beverages that accompany them. Whether you’re buying beer, wine or spirits for yourself, as gifts or to share at mealtime, Bottles Beverage Superstore’s Mike van Beyrer says there are some holiday classics that are always good choices.

1. Bonjour du Champagne

Sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France hits all the notes during the holidays: it can be imbibed in celebratory moments, offered as a gift and sipped with meals. Champagne matches perfectly in the Lowcountry with oysters, or pair it with foods just as you would a white wine. The acid and bubbles of champagne clean the palate following a seafood meal or a host of other dishes.

A bottle of the brut champagne Taittinger normally sells for more than $50. Bottles has it discounted for $39.99 through the end of the year.

2. Pinot Noir Loves Turkey

We love the classic holiday matches: Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, Santa and Rudolph, midnight and Auld Lang Syne, and turkey and pinot noir. The restrained red wine is a great complement for the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey dinners. 

Bottles is selling a $30-a-bottle pinot noir from the Oregon-based winery Benton Lane for $19.99. A classic Oregon pinot noir, it offers a medium-bodied red fruit profile that is higher in acid with a vanilla note and a hint of white pepper spice. The soft tannins in the wine make it a perfect match for turkey, like stuffing and cranberry sauce.

3. Heat Up from the Inside

Like whiskey and bourbon, brown liquor heats us up from the inside during the winter months, and Bottles has an unbelievable selection of both. It acquired single barrels of bourbon from distilleries like Knob Creek, Maker’s Mark, Russell’s Reserve and Firefly, and is now selling them in bottles. Single barrels provide more complexity and proof than blended bourbon that tends to be watered down. 

Because these barrels are exclusive to Bottles, the product you buy there is unique. That makes it a prized holiday gift that loved ones are sure to appreciate.

4. Gifts and Stocking Stuffers 

For the classic Manhattan cocktail, you can purchase a whole bottle of vermouth as a gift for $35 or stuff a stocking with a $2.99 mini-bottle, enough for a single drink. “I would be thrilled to get that in my stocking,” says van Beyrer.

The Old Fashioned was the cocktail of choice of Mad Men’s Don Draper, sparking renewed interest in the drink nationwide. Bottles sells an Old Fashioned kit created by Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., a creation of local restauranteur Brook Reitz. It includes bourbon cherries, demerara syrup, aromatic bitters and a graduated jigger in an elegant black gift box that just screams “gift!” 

5. The Italian Version of Champagne: Prosecco

If you want the sparkling wine without the champagne price, try prosecco wine, which has gained popularity and is no longer confined to apéritif status. Bottles offers a huge selection, including a Nino Franco prosecco normally selling for $22 but on sale at $12.99 through the end of the year. 

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