Choosing Between Gas and Electric Lights

When it comes to lighting up your home, sometimes it’s difficult to decide what kind of illumination is best. Whether you choose gas lights or electric lights, each has its own character and its own set of advantages. If you’re stumped, an education on the topic with the friendly team at Carolina Lanterns and Lighting will shed some light.

We definitely help our customers decide on what kind of lighting to use; education is part of our job,” explains Jan Clouse, founder and owner. “We also educate the staff continuously, so they will in turn know how to educate customers.”

Clouse points out that when it comes to gas versus electric, many people are not aware of the fact that a gas lantern is not necessarily more expensive. The selection of lanterns is vast, and customers will undoubtedly find one to suit any budget. However, internet shoppers should be wary of cheap lanterns for sale online; the quality is subpar, meaning that the BTU - British Thermal Unit - is higher, and more gas is wasted.

These cheap lanterns burn more gas per hour, so you’ve lost your money fairly soon after purchase,” Clouse explains.

Clouse points out that many people don’t realize that even without a natural gas line in their neighborhood, customers can still opt to have gas lanterns, provided they have a propane tank to have gas piped to the lanterns. She also points out that more people end up loving gas lanterns than one would think.

A lot of people think that women are more interested in gas lights, but men love them too,” Clouse shares. “Men like fire!”

Still, while gas lights are perfect for romantic ambience and a sense of going back in time, they aren’t necessarily the correct choice in all situations. If you need more illumination – such as landscape lighting or enough light to read a book or newspaper – it is best to go with electric lights, according to Clouse.

When I ask someone about light for their front porch, I always ask whether they want reading or romance,” she explains. “A lot of times, customers might buy gas lanterns for the porch, patio or garage, and finish off the project with electric lights.”

When you pick out a lantern at Carolina Lanterns & Lighting, the staff will help you “build” the perfect lantern, either for electric or gas light. And whether customers want their lantern to have an on/off switch or burn continuously for 24 hours a day, it can be customized to each customer’s preferences, according to Clouse. The lanterns are all made in the United States, by one of the five coppersmiths from which the Carolina Lanterns team sources their products.

We do about 70 percent of our business nationally and internationally, and about 30 percent local to the area,” Clouse notes. “We are a household name in the gas and lighting industry.”

Carolina Lanterns and Lighting has been serving the Lowcountry’s lighting needs for 19 years. To learn more about all of their services and lighting collections offered, visit or call (843) 881-4170.