Attention Graduates: Turn Your Passion into a Profession

Sponsored by: Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission As a middle schooler, Josh McFadden discovered a love of skateboarding. He was drawn to the freedom of the sport. "If you have your board, you can find somewhere to skate,” he says. “You can be as creative as you want. I fell in love with that and I’ve been hooked ever since." More than a decade ago, McFadden moved from his hometown … Read More

Local Piers Are Great Places to Try Your Hand at Fishing

Sponsored by: Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission On any given day, you'll see people lined up on Mount Pleasant Pier, their fishing lines dangling from the sides, waiting for a tug from "the big one." Fishing requires a minimal investment, explains Chris Pounder, manager at Mount Pleasant Pier, which is run by the Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission. Anybody can fish, he says, so you don’t have to … Read More

Calling Them by Name: The Story of Freed Slaves' Transition to Freedom

The blistering sun and thick humid air hung over the sea island cotton fields as Pompey worked through the back breaking and tedious process of cultivating crops. The physical discomfort did little to discourage him. For the first time he was growing his own cotton, on his own land. People like Pompey Dawson, who became one of the leading cultivators of sea island cotton on James Island, and Isabella Pinckney, … Read More