Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the College of Charleston

You’re a Black student at the College of Charleston, a minority on a campus of 10,000 students, and you need a haircut. Where do you go? The barbers and stylists patronized by your white classmates might not be adept at cutting your hair. You want to find other Black students who share your life experiences and understand what it means to be the only person who looks like you in a class, in your room or suite, or in a student club. The good news is, College of Charleston has a place for you.

Meet Keyana Russ, Director of MBA Employer Relations and Professional Development

Keyana Russ serves as the Director of MBA Employer Relations and Professional Development with the College of Charleston MBA program. She leads the MBA career development office by building employer relations while also growing and managing a portfolio of recruiting companies. Russ builds relationships with private, public, and non-profit sector leaders to match their opportunities with MBA students and alumni. Russ earned her undergraduate degree from Brown University and an MBA from Florida Atlantic University with Phi Kappa Phi honors.

CHSWFF Partners With CofC To Dish Up Real-World Marketing Experience

In all that it does, Charleston Wine + Food strives to identify ways in which they can partner with local businesses, organizations and industry leaders to strengthen the local community. And what better way to do that than to work with the next generation of movers and shakers? After all, the future of the Lowcountry’s vibrant hospitality and tourism industry largely depends on its ability to identify and cultivate local talent. 

April Event Showcases College Partnerships with Tech Industry

Over the last decade, Charleston has solidified its reputation as a Southern hub of technological innovation. From high-tech manufacturers to software startups, Charleston is on the cutting edge. It's home to more than 250 tech companies, and in 2015 was ranked the No. 1 mid-sized metro for millennials.Helping to fuel that technological boom - and the rapidly growing need for skilled workers - is the College of Charleston's Department of … Read More