Your Spring Cleaning, Decluttering Checklist

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As the calendar turns to spring, our thoughts turn to beach trips, bike rides, evenings on the patio and … spring cleaning. The cleaning might not be our favorite activity on the list, but it’s a great way to declutter and get organized before the summer season. It can be daunting to think about cleaning the whole house top to bottom. Use this checklist to get started and soon you’ll … Read More

Get a Jump on 2018 Organization with a Holiday Purge

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It happens every year after the holidays: You look around your house and think, "Where do the kids put these new toys?" "Where do I store the extra Christmas decorations I bought on clearance?" "Will these extra sweaters fit in my closet?" Instead of stuffing one more item in an already overstuffed closet, drawer or garage shelf, why not use the holiday season as an opportunity to rid your home … Read More

Save Money and DIY This Year's Halloween Costume

In 2016, more than 171 million Americans celebrated Halloween, and they spent a lot of money to do so – $8.4 billion, in fact. Individually, people spent $82 on average, an increase from $74 in 2015 according to the National Retail Federation. With Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping season just around the corner, you don’t want to bust the budget on Halloween, why not get creative with your costume and … Read More

One Smart Way to Improve Back-to-School Shopping

Sponsored by: Palmetto Goodwill Parents are starting to review those back-to-school supply lists and thinking about the clothing, shoes, backpacks and more their children will need to start a new school year. This year, parents are expected to spend $501 on back-to-school shopping with the majority of that ($284) going to clothing, according to a Deloitte survey. For families who have multiple children, back-to-school shopping can add up quickly. Parents … Read More

Donations Fuel Job Opportunities in Your Local Community

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Sponsored by: Palmetto Goodwill When you pull up to a local Goodwill retail store with a trunk full of items to donate, you’re relieved to rid your house of some clutter. You feel good about giving your unwanted items a second chance instead of tossing them in the garbage. But do you realize how your clothing, books and household items are transforming the lives of people here in the Charleston … Read More

Kick the Clutter with These Spring Cleaning Tips

The bees are buzzing and temperatures are rising - have you gotten the urge to start cleaning house yet? If you have the spring cleaning bug, you're not alone. In fact, a 2013 survey for the American Cleaning Institute found more than 70 percent of people engage in some form of spring cleaning each year. The top three rooms to get a spruce up are the bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms. … Read More

3 Ways to Save Big on Back-to-School Shopping

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When it comes time for back-to-school shopping, savings is key. From uniforms and electronics to new shoes and a lengthy classroom supply list, parents can really feel the financial pinch. One easy way families can save on the clothing budget for the new school year is by shopping one of the Charleston area’s 13 Goodwill locations.