5 Myths about Calories and Weight Loss

Sponsored by: MUSC Health Weight Management CenterMany people simplify the weight loss process: burn more calories than you consume. But, it’s a little more complex than that. How well do you understand calories and their role as fuel for the body? Do you have a grasp on just how many calories you’ll need to burn to see a significant weight loss?Start by understanding these 5 common calorie myths:1. We burn … Read More

Weight Loss Left to Your Own Devices: How Technology Can Help You Manage Your Weight

For decades people have turned to gadgets and gear for help with weight loss. Think vibrating belt machines, exercise sauna suits, devices to pace your chewing, and nylon waist cords to alert you to a weight gain (until you cut them off!).Nowadays we have scores of new digital devices to assist with weight control efforts. While the jury is still out on their direct effects on weight loss, they are … Read More