Somerby's Longevity in Senior Market Attributed to Amenities and Reputation

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When you’re searching for a new place to live, communities will do whatever they can to pull you in — everything will look clean and pretty and the people will seem nice. Before you know it you are signing a lease. But when you finish window shopping and are all moved in, how do you know that management will truly care about you and your experiences?

Meeting the Needs of Seniors: Sage Advice for Caregivers and Loved Ones

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In the past, our path in life would be as such — grow up, get married, buy a home, raise a family and then sell the home and retire to a senior living center in Florida. Times have changed.

Today, seniors can choose to age-in-place, which means they don’t have to sell their home and move, or they can move into one of many senior residential communities that are available now. Some of these communities offer independent living for those who can still care for themselves, while others provide medical assistance and memory care for those who need it.