South Bay at Mount Pleasant Continues to Grow

Three years after South Bay opened its doors, the luxury retirement community in central Mount Pleasant continues to prosper, offering a wide range of living options and an ever-growing menu of amenities to seniors in various stages of life. Having celebrated their third anniversary on Oct. 1, South Bay is home to hundreds of independent living residents. Those in assisted living, skilled nursing, memory support and short-term rehabilitation also are on campus at Shem Creek Health Center.

Shem Creek Health Center at South Bay Offers Residents a Wide Range of Healthcare Options

As we age, we hope to always be healthy and independent while living comfortably in our homes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. You or your loved one might find that you need assistance with your daily living activities or need rehabilitation services for a variety of reasons including an unforeseen medical event, a chronic medical diagnosis, or just the normal effects of aging.

A Continuing Care Retirement Community In Mount Pleasant Can Provide A Home With Accommodations For Aging In Place

As you age, it’s a common desire to stay put in the home that you have grown to love and are comfortable living in. Who wouldn’t want to age in place? But for some, relocating to a continuing care retirement community, otherwise known as a CCRC, offers a broader variety of amenities and provides additional support as your health begins to change. Think of it as a one-stop-shop option that provides a better living environment and, most importantly, peace of mind that lets you enjoy your golden years.

Holidays Can Be More Fun When Seniors Are Connected with a Community

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” is a greeting heard almost daily throughout the holiday season. However, the statement does not ring true for everyone. Seniors, especially, are often challenged during the holiday season due to many factors associated with aging. Isolation is a major concern in the senior population - often the result of outliving friends and family as well as children and siblings moving away to start their own families. Limited driving capacity and mobility also add to the potential for social isolation and seniors may face periods of loneliness and even depression. Ironically, holiday celebrations, music, movies and advertising may serve only to intensify those feelings of isolation.

Fall into Fall Awareness and Prevention

Falls have become a significant concern, especially with the aging population. Each year, one in four Americans over the age of 65 experiences a fall. It is the leading cause of fatal injury, and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma. Injuries resulting from falls can have a profound impact on the aging population. The physical and financial implications of falls are devastating, leaving our older people unable to live independently and significantly decreasing life expectancy. 

Continuity of Care in a Continuing Care Retirement Community

It is easy for seniors to be overwhelmed with the multitude of senior living options available to them in today’s market. Independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory support are terms often used, but never fully explained, as individuals research living options for themselves or their loved one. Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), like South Bay at Mount Pleasant, provide accommodations for a full continuum of care, removing the guesswork and allowing residents to enjoy their retirement years.

South Bay: Where Luxury Resort Living Comes Home

The difference is evident from the moment you drive through the main entryway, flanked by handsome stone pillars and gas lanterns. Beyond that sits a landscaped front lawn adorned by a fountain of cast iron water birds, and benches that wouldn’t look out of place at White Point Garden. Overlooking it all are three rows of balconies, from which residents can take in the view or gaze at geese swimming in the pond just beyond.
And that’s just outside.

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3 Great Reasons to Pick Maintenance-Free Apartment Living

More and more senior adults are choosing an apartment over home ownership. If you’re currently living in your own home, maintenance can be an even bigger nuisance; you have to get multiple expert opinions to get the best price, and even then, it might not get fixed. When the worst happens, you’re on your own to deal with the problem. No one wants that, especially as you transition into living in a retirement community.