4 Lexus Models that Remind us of a Steeplechase Horse

Steeplechase is an opportunity to watch magnificent animals explode from a standstill to top speed, zip down a track like lightning bolts and glide gracefully over obstacles for a mile or more. These same sleek animals serve as reliable beasts of burden in different circumstances, engendering our admiration and respect.
We love horses. And we love horsepower.

From Steeples to Steeplechase

Could a city be more fittingly nicknamed than the Holy City? Its tableau is dotted with 400 houses of worship, many with steeples stretching into the sky. Perhaps it’s apt, then, that Charleston boasts its own steeplechase competition. The obstacle-course event traces its roots to Irish races from one town’s steeples to another, forcing riders and their horses to jump streams and stone walls separating estates along the way.

Equestrian lovers can explore Middleton Place

When visitors are introduced to Middleton Place, the jewel of plantation row 15 miles up the Ashley River from downtown Charleston, they rarely think of horses. The Middleton experience features the grand plantation, the spectacular scalloped grounds, the elegant Ashley River sliding alongside, the prominent family that owned the plantation, the beautiful 18th-century buildings and magnificent live oaks, and the opportunity to reflect upon the regrettable slavery and oppression of the people who built it all and comprise the deepest scar on American history.

Get Fashion-Forward at the Steeplechase

Since the origins of horse racing in 12th century Britain, decadent couture has gone hand-in-hand with the rumbling of hooves. In an effort to attract attention and demonstrate their high-society credentials, women wore extravagant fashions, beginning on their heads. The more ostentatious the hat, the better. Men also dressed to the nines, though with a bit less grandiosity.