6 Ways Pets Make Your Life Better

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Ever had a hard day at the office only to come home to your dog who’s beyond excited to see you walk through the front door? Your phone may be buzzing with text messages from colleagues, the kids may be asking “What’s for dinner?” and the laundry basket may be overflowing, but all that matters is a look and sloppy kiss from your best four-legged friend.

4 Style Trends and Guidelines for Funeral Attire

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Sponsored by: Stuhr Funeral Home As with any important occasion, one of the big questions is: What to wear? People often wonder the same thing when it comes to funerals or memorial services. And while it may be a somber occasion, you still want to look your best to honor the life of the person who has passed. Here are a few current trends to ensure you are both respectful … Read More

Creative Ways to Honor a Loved One's Memory This Holiday Season

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The holiday is a time of gathering with friends and family. It’s a joyous season marked by laughter, good spirits and time-honored traditions. But for those missing a spouse, parent, child or loved one, the holiday season can be challenging. Whether the loss is recent or several years old, this time of year is a stark reminder of the people who are missing from the dinner table or whose stocking … Read More

3 Things to Know About a Military Funeral

Those who have served in the U.S. military are celebrated in life as heroes protecting freedom and democracy. In death, their service is also honored with a military funeral and can include in burial in a national cemetery. Family members may not realize all the options and services available as they plan a service for their loved one. Pre-planning is always a good idea, so decisions can be made with … Read More

6 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Death

There’s never an easy way to break the news about the loss of a loved one, a family friend or even a beloved pet. When it’s time to talk to kids about death, the conversation can be even more challenging. But death is unavoidable, so having an honest and age-appropriate conversation with your child about loss is important. It may be tempting to gloss over what’s happened, especially with smaller … Read More

5 Social Media Rules Following a Death

Sponsored by: Stuhr Funeral Home In today’s world, we live so much of our lives on social media that it only makes sense that death would find its way into our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. But this is still relatively new territory, so it can difficult to navigate the etiquette of what to do and say about death on social media. When it comes to responding to a death … Read More

Use the Summer Break to Organize Important Documents

Sponsored by: Stuhr Funeral Home There’s something about the summer that calls for a little cleaning and organizing. We have kids’ artwork and photos from the school year, family documents and a disheveled filing cabinet filled with “important papers” – but in an emergency situation, would anyone else be able to figure out your filing system? Whether it’s a hurricane, illness or a death, there are key documents that need … Read More

5 Ways to Guide Your Child Through the Loss of a Family Pet

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Sponsored by: Stuhr Funeral Home If you spend any time at all on Facebook, you’ll inevitably see a friend post about the passing of a beloved pet. Friends chime in with their condolences and their own stories of dealing with the death of a cat, dog, horse or even a lovable lizard. Pets are such a part of the family – they nap on the couch and sleep on the … Read More

How a Grief Support Group Can Help After a Loss

After losing a spouse, child or close family member, it’s hard not to just crawl into bed and ignore the chiming doorbell or ringing phone. Eating a meal or taking a shower can be incredibly challenging, so the idea of carrying on a conversation with others seems like a monumental task. And while some alone time to deal with the initial emotion and shock is part of the grieving process, … Read More

Marking the Death of a Loved One: 6 Ways to Celebrate Their Life

After a loved one passes away, everyday life takes on an entirely new tone. In particular, after the loss of a spouse or a child who has been with you day in and day out for years or even decades, simple tasks like morning coffee, grocery shopping and watching television are suddenly different. The loss becomes less profound as the days progress and time begins to ever so slightly heal … Read More

5 Special Places in Charleston to Host a Memorial Service

Charleston has so many beautiful places that it's not unusual for people to choose a non-traditional location for a memorial service. It can be a great way to honor someone's love of nature, a favorite local park or simply an opportunity to gather friends and family in a lovely setting where they can share treasured memories. Here are 5 beautiful spots around Charleston that would make a special setting for … Read More