Nothing cookie cutter about it

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In Summers Corner, you could say the homes are built on long-standing traditions, not passing trends.

After all, they borrow from the distinct architectural styles of the Lowcountry, with a variety of elements that suit the local climate and manners.

When the lake calls, go canoeing.

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Woods and water. Lots of water. They are things people associate with the Lowcountry, to be sure. But within a community? Well, that is something a little unexpected. Which is good, because in Summers Corner, unexpected is a guiding principle of exactly how things should be.

The Lake is Calling.

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Summerville, SC -- A canoe glides across shimmering Buffalo Lake. Feet dangle from the end of the pier where fishing line zips through a reel, drawing a line to a bobber disappearing beneath the glassy surface.