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Charleston Home Rentals is committed to creating personalized and pleasant experiences for landlords and tenants alike.

A unique brand of property management

Charleston Home Rentals (CHR) was founded in 2006 by Property Manager Matt Manaker. He teamed up with brothers Matt and Josh Azar in 2009 to meet the growing demands of the burgeoning local rental market, and a company that is based on 30+ years of friendship, has since transferred that bond of loyalty into a unique brand of property management.

The Charleston Home Rentals team endeavors to provide a high level of customer service to all of their clients, property owners and tenants alike. They fulfill their customer service commitments by fostering harmonious relationships in which everyone’s needs are met. The approach has obvious benefits for renters who want to feel taken care of, but happy tenants translate into even bigger benefits for property owners—most important being long-term occupancy and limited vacancies.

Providing Peace of Mind to Property Owners

Good property managers keep a rental filled, but Charleston Home Rentals aspires go above and beyond. They understand that peace of mind is a valuable thing, and their ability to provide that sort of assurance to clients boils down to two things—responsiveness and thoroughness.

CHR’s comprehensive leasing and property management services ensure that no detail is overlooked, and the company has one of the fairest payment policies in town...

Management fees are deducted from rent that has been collected. If we don’t perform, the client doesn’t pay. It’s fairer that way.
-Matt Manaker, Managing Partner

There are no setup fees; just a one-time leasing fee of 50% of the first month’s rent. The leasing fee and a flat management fee of 7% include everything a property owner needs to earn rental property returns. The CHR team delivers expert advice and a whole host of administrative services—advertising, property showings, application processing, tenant screening, lease negotiation, inspections and rent collection to name a few.

Property repairs are also cost effectively managed in a way that keeps both tenants and property owners happy. CHR also provides monthly statements, year-end statements and 1099 tax forms. This proactive and thorough approach to property management certainly makes maintaining an investment property easier, especially when it’s out-of-state. Nathan Queen of Charlotte, NC agrees…

The people at Charleston Home Rentals are as responsive as they come. As an out of state property owner, this is the most valuable of their services to our tenants. Whenever we have had any issue, regardless of day of the week or time of the day, they have responded to all requests and quickly addressed issues that have arose. We highly recommend Charleston Home Rentals.
- Nathan E. Queen, Property Owner living in Charlotte, NC

Trusted by More Agents

Property owners trust Charleston Home Rentals because the team is responsive and thorough, and now Charleston real estate agents are forming relationships with the company for the very same reasons. Agents rest easier knowing that a happy client remains happy once an investment property has been filled, and the CHR team thoroughly enjoys building long-term relationships with like-minded professionals.

It is comforting to know that I have such a great company to refer my clients to for property management. Charleston Home Rentals is very responsive and very knowledgeable. I can rest assured that they will provide my client with great customer service and then once the client is ready to sell the home that they will refer them back to me to handle the sale of the property.
- Karen S. Rapchick, Real Estate Agent

Referring clients to Charleston Home Rentals makes plenty of business sense and it has never been easier. Agents can visit for more information.


You can reach the Charleston Home Rentals Partners at their downtown office by calling 843.795.0600 or emailing