Property Management Company Effectively Serves Owners with Varying Levels of Landlord Experience

In 2006, Matt Manaker founded Charleston Home Rentals (CHR) with a desire for his business to become the best property management company in the area. To accomplish this, he set out to improve the renting experience for property owners and residents alike with the mindset that both parties can truly be happy in a rental agreement. Manaker joined forces with brothers Ben and Josh Azar in 2009, and the partners have been on a relentless pursuit to fine-tune their processes with a focus on easy communication, renting properties quickly and retaining residents long-term.

Charleston Home Rentals has experienced much success over the years by delivering on their Be Happy Renting promise, and the company is poised to further grow their portfolio of long-term rental properties throughout the Tri-County region. Darin Meny joined the team as the Business Development Manager earlier this year, and he has found that property owners of varying levels of landlord experience are attracted to CHR’s approach.

“Our team has the expertise to meet property owners exactly where they are at in the process of renting their homes,” said Darin Meny, CHR Business Development Manager. “We welcome the opportunity to work with accidental landlords as well as first-time and seasoned investors.”

Accidental Landlords

Many people never expected or intended to own rental property. People can become “accidental landlords” through all sorts of unplanned scenarios. Charleston Home Rentals has worked with owners who turned to renting because they inherited a property, relocated for their occupation or are simply unable to sell the house despite listing it.

Accidental landlords who choose to go at it alone often make mistakes, the first being the assumption that all prospective residents are responsible. Collecting rent can be a real exercise in patience and perseverance based on the resident. A property management company will screen residents, collect rent, address legal matters and handle maintenance. CHR takes it a step further by guaranteeing an approved applicant within 30 days of the property being rent-ready, or they waive a month’s management fee for every 15-day period beyond that without an approved application.

“We always start with an accurate and realistic evaluation of a property’s rental value because we want to help owners generate income as soon as possible,” said Ben Azar, CHR Partner and Leasing Manager

In addition to renting quickly, the CHR team offers friendly guidance and education throughout the entire process. It isn’t uncommon for the Be Happy Renting experience to inspire these accidental landlords to intentionally enter the world of real estate investing, knowing that Charleston Home Rentals is on their side.

First-Time Investors

When people decide to invest in real estate for the first time, it’s easy to get so caught up in the numbers that good deals pass them by. Beginner investors can avoid the paralysis of analysis by partnering with Charleston Home Rentals. The CHR team provides valuable market data early in the cycle to help them make smart decisions about properties.

Experienced investors often point to the importance of hiring a professional property management company for a successful career in real estate. Property management is not as simple as finding residents and collecting rent. It requires time and organization to manage the many facets of a property like communication with residents and repair calls. Most beginning investors are still working full time and managing other life responsibilities, so it’s a huge benefit to outsource these tasks to a trustworthy team like Charleston Home Rentals.

Even better, CHR has a great long-term retention rate. Their portfolio includes over 500 multi-year leases, a majority of which were renewals. “Lease renewals are real validation that we are serving our clients well,” Manaker said.

Seasoned Investors

Since long-term retention is a major goal in real estate investing, CHR’s success in this area is a real draw for seasoned investors with multiple rental properties. This enables them to focus on living life and enjoying the passive income that their investments generate.

In addition, Charleston Home Rentals brings a sophistication to the renting experience that investors should expect out of a property management company. Even seasoned investors aren’t immune to the occasional hesitation when it comes to investing decisions, and they can lean on CHR to provide an accurate financial analysis and proforma for the next three years. Reports can easily be accessed via an online portal, and knowledgeable CHR team members are only a phone call away.

Be Happy Renting

No investment is a guarantee, but real estate has historically been one of the safest and most lucrative asset classes for investors. It typically provides built-in appreciation that keeps pace with inflation while also offering the potential for significant gains. Statistics indicate that now is the time to invest in the Tri-County region since the housing market has taken a downward turn over the past year 12-18 months.

“It is so rewarding to know that we are helping property owners generate income while also providing nice homes to individuals and families throughout the Charleston metro area,” said Manaker. “It’s what we set out to do, and the market has been really receptive to our Be Happy Renting approach.”

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