Charleston Sign and Banner is Ready to Produce Your COVID Business Needs

Now that Gov. Henry McMaster has loosened restrictions on businesses; beaches and parks are re-opening, and all of us are starting to think about life returning to something closer to normal many business owners are contemplating what they need to accomplish in order to serve customers while keeping everyone safe.

For those who need signage and banners announcing they are open for business, Charleston Sign & Banner is ready to help with competitive prices and a quick turnaround. Charleston Sign & Banner has also converted some of its manufacturing to produce social distancing signage, floor decals and sneeze guards to protect customers and employees and indicate that new rules for social distancing are in force.

The router makes it easy to adjust sizes and shapes for signs and sneeze guards.

One of their unique products offers cutting edge anti-microbial protection for high traffic areas. The company is using a film called PURE ZONE that inhibits the development of germs. They can install it anywhere it is needed like countertops, tabletops, handicap railings, doors, door knobs, key pads, conference room tables and desks. If you have a high-traffic business, installation of the product offers an extra layer of protection where it is most needed. It makes surfaces smooth so they are easier to clean.

Sneeze guard installation on a conference room table
Sneeze guard installation on a conference room table


It’s safety first when it comes to your order. You can either order signs in the showroom or communicate by phone and have your order delivered. Anyone visiting the store will notice the door wrapped in PURE ZONE for antimicrobial protection. Customers are kept out of the area where staff work and separated from customer service staff by a clear sneeze guard. These guards can be made any size with custom pass through areas/openings as well. The sneeze guards are made to meet each customers' unique requirements. A lot of online companies only sell certain sizes but the custom made sneeze guards are seamless and professional looking. They are fast becoming the new normal. Charleston Sign & Banner is manufacturing sneeze guards for reception areas, cashier desks, conference room tables, break rooms and lunchrooms.

PURE ZONE film can be wrapped around handles for antimicrobial protection.

For information about pricing and the products they offer, or to take a virtual tour of the facility, visit or call them at 843-529-1414. Let’s get the Lowcountry working again!