Clemson University Committed to Carrying Out Vision of its Legendary Founder

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In an extraordinary will written in 1886, Thomas Green Clemson set out to transform his beloved South Carolina through education. His audacious desire was to create, on his land, a “high seminary of learning” for the benefit of the state through the teaching of natural sciences and agriculture.

Mr. Clemson’s vision began to take shape three years later when the state’s governor signed legislation creating the Clemson Agricultural College. While Mr. Clemson likely could not have envisioned the ways his idea for a university would grow and blossom over the next 130 years, some fundamental truths remain unchanged.

First, agriculture and science, including engineering, remain vitally important to Clemson’s mission and to the future of South Carolina.  Second, Clemson’s commitment to serving the needs and the people of South Carolina remains unwavering.

It starts with providing a world-class undergraduate education to the sons and daughters of South Carolina. Toward that end, Clemson is serving more South Carolina students today than at any time in its history –
3,000 more than just a decade ago – and is working tirelessly to keep a Clemson education affordable.

In-state students pay, on average, only 36 percent of the posted tuition price – or about $5,400 a year. As a result, more than half of Clemson undergraduates earn their degree while incurring no student loan debt.

Clemson’s strong undergraduate heritage is coupled with a growing portfolio of cutting-edge faculty research befitting the university’s Carnegie R1 research status. Additionally, our commitment extends to Clemson’s outstanding extension offices that serve residents in every county across South Carolina.

As the State of South Carolina increasingly works to position itself as a leader in fields such as advanced manufacturing, Clemson has stepped up its game to become the state’s premiere provider of workplace talent and research geared toward meeting the needs of industry.

The effect of those efforts can be felt in Charleston, where the university has increased its graduate engineering course offerings in response to the needs of employers. Clemson also has entered into partnership with the Medical University of South Carolina to provide accelerated degree pathways for Clemson students who want to pursue a career in health care.

Additionally, the Clemson SCE&G Energy Innovation Center in North Charleston is teaming with MHI Vestas, one of the world’s leaders in offshore wind technologies, to test its largest wind turbine ever. At the same facility, the Duke Energy Electrical Grid Research Innovation and Development Center supports education, research and economic development to speed new electrical technologies to market and can simulate the electrical grid of any country in the world.

Clemson is proudly celebrating a “decade of excellence” this year, signifying the university’s standing among the nation’s top 25 public universities for 10 straight years as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. As we look forward to a 21st century filled with opportunity and promise, Clemson remains more committed than ever to helping create a prosperous South Carolina through education, in the spirit of its visionary founder.