3 Ways to Make Memories with Grandchildren

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Cresswind at The Ponds
By: H. A. Fisher

For children lucky enough to live near extended families, warm spring days and lazy summer evenings are spent with grandma and grandpa. It’s a bonding opportunity grandparents and grandkids love. Grandparents enjoy all the fun of children without the worry and responsibility of being parents while the grandkids soak up the endless attention and indulge in extra cookies.

If you’re planning to spend some quality time with the grands as the weather warms, here are three must-do activities. The best part is you can do all three without leaving your neighborhood. Those living at Cresswind at The Ponds have access to countless amenities that make playing with the grandchildren as easy as a summer breeze.

  • Go on a scavenger hunt. Residents have more than 17 miles of community trails on the property, making it ideal for looking for leaves, birds, rocks and sticks. Take a bucket or paper bag and explore the trails, collecting treasures along the way and learning the valuable lesson of appreciating nature. Bring along a book of birds and some binoculars so you can identify winged wildlife.
  • Cast a line. Teach the next generation how to fish on Schulz Lake – home to largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, brim, crappie and mudfish. The peaceful surroundings are the ideal spot to talk over the latest in life or sit quietly and enjoy the surroundings.
  • Roast marshmallows and share stories of your childhood. The Pavilion at The Ponds has a fireplace so all you need are the sticks, marshmallows and the stories. Children love hearing about their grandparents’ technology free childhoods. Plus it’s a great time to share the mischievous antics of their parents.

The beauty of taking advantage of the amenities at Cresswind at The Ponds is that grandparents don’t have to spend a lot of time planning. Instead, they can focus on creating memories that will live on long after the marshmallows are eaten.

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