5 Things Not to Whisper to Your Spouse at Gaillard Center Performances

5 Things Not to Whisper to Your Spouse at Gaillard Center Performances
Sponsored by: The Gaillard Center

The acoustics at the new Gaillard Center will be good. Like, really good.
So when you and your better half join us for a concert, take care what you whisper. Just sayin'.

1. 'I thought you bought the cheap seats!'

Chances are excellent your seats for a performance at The Charleston Gaillard Center will be amazing - and no, your spouse did not blow the budget. The new 1,800-seat performance hall has an intimate feel, light years beyond the old municipal auditorium it replaces. There is not a bad seat in the house. Thanks to state-of-the-art acoustic sound engineering, it also is one of the quietest, most performance-friendly halls in the world. You'll be awestruck by what you hear - and if you discuss your finances during the performance, so might the folks sitting next to you!

2. 'What's this kid's name? He's pretty good!'

You'll be familiar with many of the distinguished performers Gaillard will host, and we're working to bring to our city wildly talented artists you've never heard of.
Programming at our new center will be diverse - rock concerts, concerts for children, gospel music, local artists and ensembles, classical music, jazz, opera, popular entertainers, touring orchestras - something for everyone. So go ahead and ask about the new kid...quietly. At intermission.

3. 'I didn't notice that curtain last time!'

Points for paying attention! But - shhh! Those rich velour curtains have a fancy name - variable acoustical curtains - and they come and go, depending on the performance. Remarkably varied performances will take place here. And a lecturer, a hip-hop artist and a classical violinist all sound different. To make sure the hall is perfect for each one, a computer controls the position of the curtains, moving them throughout the hall to absorb sound and to control resonance. Don't worry, the computer is very quiet.

4. 'Gee, I wish I could do that!'

Well, maybe you can. (Have you considered taking up the nice, quiet harp?) The Gaillard aims to renew the artistic and cultural promise of Charleston, serving as a civic center and a catalyst for arts education programming, especially for children. We're working with arts organizations to collaborate, so you'll be hearing more in the coming months.

5. 'This place must have cost a bundle!'

One hundred and forty two million dollars, to be exact. Half of the funding comes from public sources; the other half will come from private donors. We are grateful to our benefactors, and we continue to raise funds to ensure that Gaillard does Charleston proud. You can donate - online, very quickly and quietly - at our website. You can make a difference.

Join us in creating an extraordinary new cultural legacy in Charleston! We can't wait to see you.