5 Ways to Hide 2 Left Feet During a Wedding First Dance

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The first dance as husband and wife. It’s a time-honored wedding tradition that often fills women with a sense romance and men with a sense of dread. The fellas hear words like “ballroom dancing,” “lessons” and “waltz” and are practically ready to call the whole thing off.
But don’t worry, bride- and groom-to-be. Even if you don’t know the waltz from the Macarena, you can still have a successful first dance as a newly wedded couple – lessons optional.

  1. Pick a song you truly love. Don’t worry if it’s a timeless classic, the latest pop hit or an obscure tune only the two of you know. This is your special moment and your song choice should reflect that. Plus, it’s easier to dance to something you know.
  2. Block out the rest of the world. This is your wedding and one of your first intimate moments as a freshly wedded couple. Forget what everyone else is doing. In fact, they are probably lined up at the bar and not even paying attention.
  3. Keep it short. Who says you have to dance to the whole song? If 3 minutes and 42 seconds feels like too much, then dance 1 minute and 21 seconds before inviting the rest of the guests to join you on the dance floor.
  4. Let the father of the bride go first. Let daddy and daughter share a special moment on the dance floor. Everyone will be so caught up in that precious moment that the two of you can glide along riding that emotional wave.
  5. No one else can dance either. Unless you’ve been on a season of “Dancing With The Stars,” there’s a good chance the folks you’ve invited to your wedding aren’t professional dancers. They probably know as much (or even less) about dancing as you do.

And if all else fails, remember, at some point the “Chicken Dance” will come on and everyone will have the opportunity to look completely ridiculous.

Wedding Song Ideas

Still stumped for the perfect wedding song? Popsugar.com has 100 suggestions ranging from such classics as "Here, There and Everywhere" by The Beatles and "Faithfully" by Journey to more contemporary tunes like "Angel" by Jack Johnson and "Love Song" by Adele. Within that list, you’re bound to find something that captures your own love story.

This article offers up the top 10 wedding first dance songs, as selected by Spotify. Topping the list is the classic "At Last" by Etta James followed by "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz, "You Are the Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne, "All of Me" by John Legend and "Better Together" by Jack Johnson rounding out the top 5.

There are plenty of songs that will set a romantic tone for your wedding day whether you’re dancing under the stars or in a facility like the Gaillard Center. And, the best part is you can pick one a few months in advance and carve out a date night to practice your dance steps.