Even the most talented performers get tripped up

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By: H. A. Fisher

Maybe it’s the spike heels, stairs, capes or dark lighting that’s making it tough for performers to maintain their balance while on stage.

Imagine trying to keep your composure dancing and singing after busting your backside. Most performers recover quite nicely – either laughing off the incident or following that old adage “the show most go on” as they barely miss a beat and keep right on going.

Here are few particularly noteworthy stage falls:

Poor country star Luke Bryan hasn’t taken just one spill off the stage, but in fact he stumbled on stage three times in 2014. Here’s a look at the most recent tumble at a concert in Indiana. Bryan said his stage changes a bit with each venue location so he just needs to pay more attention. (And maybe wear a helmet?)

Hard core rocker Sebastian Bach of Skid Row fame wasn’t diving into a mosh pit when he slipped on stage at a 2015 Beverly Hill concert. He took the “skid” in stride, tweeting, “"Omg @Madonna ain't got nothin' on me haha.”

Speaking of Madonna, even a legend isn’t immune to a stage blunder. At the Brit Awards 2015, the Queen of Pop appears to trip on her cape as she’s making her way backward down some steps. Check out the video from Clevver News. Like a pro, Madonna didn’t miss a beat and kept right on going with her performance. In a later interview, Madonna called the incident a “horrible nightmare because I like to be amazing.”

Sporting knee-high boots with spike heels could have contributed to Ariana Grande’s stage mishap. It was more like “boom boom” instead of “Bang Bang” when Grande took a spill during a Toronto concert. Check out the clip from Hollywood Life. Maybe she should consider a nice pair of flats.

And sometimes people are just so excited to get on stage, they get tripped up on the way. Watch as this student actor falls as he approaches the stage to accept an award in Houston. The young actor laughed at the podium, saying, “Thank goodness I’m alive.”

He should take heart. Even Oscar-winning, bow-and-arrow-wielding Jennifer Lawrence gets tripped up. She fell while heading on stage to accept her win at the 2013 Oscars. But, really, who wouldn’t have fallen trying to go up a set of stairs in that gown?

Will there be a YouTube-worthy stage fall at the new Gaillard Center? Hopefully not. But maybe you should book a front row seat and have your iPhone set on record just in case. It is one way to get up close and personal with your favorite acts.