7 Boo-tiful and Inexpensive Costume Ideas from Palmetto Goodwill

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Halloween is coming, and that means it’s time to buy or make a costume. While we think of Halloween as a dress-up time for children, the fact is adults spend more money on costumes – about $400 million.
But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy the same cookie-cutter costume as everyone else. Instead, do your Halloween shopping at one of the 11 Palmetto Goodwill stores and donation centers in the TriCounty Charleston area.

Here are 7 great ideas for Halloween costume shopping at Goodwill.

1. DIY Fun!
Head over to a Palmetto Goodwill store near you and buy the fixin’s for an inexpensive and unique Halloween costume that you put together yourself. You can have fun being your own creative director while saving money. You never know what you will find at “the little blue boutique,” so head on over and be surprised.

2. Learn Costume Tips from an Expert
Palmetto Goodwill can help you figure out “which is witch” with that DIY costume project. Costume designer Shelby Sessler is blogging her ideas right here. For her first blog, Shelby set out to create the costumes for singer and dancer Jojo Siwa and Netflix character Carmen Sandiego. You can read in detail about how she went all out on the costumes; for the signature Carmen Sandiego look, she bought a black turtleneck, black pants, black shoes, a triangle brooch, a long red coat, and a red hat.
Check in regularly for Shelby’s updates.

3. Save a Bundle
The average American spends $86 on a Halloween costume (men spend even more!) But you can throw something together from four or five $5 purchases at your local Goodwill store and save money in the process. Not only will you spend less, you will have your own unique costume, not some store-bought cliché available to millions of others.

4. Get Some Easy but Interesting DIY Costumes
What are the top DIY costumes in 2019? Wednesday Addams of the Addams Family TV and movie series, skeleton makeup, and Eleven from the TV show Stranger Things, according to College Candy, the young adult lifestyle website. All 10 of their ideas (all for women; sorry guys) are simple, inexpensive and easily identifiable. (Taylor Swift, anyone? You need to be tall.)

5. Okay, Go Ahead, Buy Something Pre-packaged
Because you never know what nuggets you’ll find at Goodwill, there may be some mass-produced costume buried in the corner of the store somewhere. If you’re in a desperate rush and having a devil of a time finding something, run over to a nearby store and see what they have.

6. Shop Conveniently
Do you live in West Ashley or Mount Pleasant? There’s a Palmetto Goodwill store near you. North Charleston, Summerville or Moncks Corner? Yup, Palmetto Goodwill stores are there too. How about on James or Johns Island, or in Goose Creek? No matter where you are in the Charleston area, there is a Palmetto Goodwill store on a main road offering great discounts on Halloween costume supplies. So shopping won’t only be fun, it’ll be convenient too.

7. Don’t Just Scare People, Help Them Too
Sure, Halloween is fun for children of all ages, but buying your costume at a Goodwill helps fund training programs and employment services to help provide a clear path to a better and brighter future for people in your community. So while you’re saving money on a uniquely creative costume you choose yourself, take a moment to savor how you helped your local community. That’s putting the good will in Goodwill.

To learn more about opportunities to donate and shop at Palmetto Goodwill’s stores, visit PalmettoGoodwill.org or call (843) 566-0072. Happy Halloween to all the ghouls and boys!