8 Facts About Veterans Manufacturing Training Program in the Lowcountry

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Manufacturing employs roughly 240,000 South Carolinians, and many of those companies announced the creation of new advanced manufacturing jobs in the Lowcountry last year — totaling 74,000 new jobs.

These companies are seeking out U.S .Veterans like you.

If you’re seeking a job in the growing manufacturing sector, there is good news. Palmetto Goodwill offers a free 10-day training program designed to introduce participants to the basics of manufacturing.

Consider these elements of the Veterans for Manufacturing program:

1. It’s Free for Those Who Qualify

Candidates are given an assessment test and interviewed for admission. Participants are chosen based on determination and merit, with a maximum of 20 veterans in the program. The training is totally free.

2. A Fast Track

In just two weeks of hands-on experiences, participants develop the entry-level skills necessary for immediate job placement.

3. Assistance Securing a Job

Upon completion of the program, Palmetto Goodwill assists participants in securing employment.

4. Eligibility Requirements

Veterans with a clean background check who pass a drug test are eligible. You must have reliable transportation to travel to and from Palmetto Goodwill on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston. The CARTA bus does run along Rivers.

Participants must also be able to commit two full five-day weeks to the program. Classes run Monday through Friday, all day.

5. What You Learn

When the course is done, you will have skills not possessed by the general population. The program exposes participants to CNC machining codes, OSHA safety rules, forklift operation, industrial math, precision inspections and work readiness skills with measuring tools. Knowledge of these subjects is critical to success in the manufacturing sector. Because many applicants for jobs lack these skills, those who are already trained in them have an advantage in securing employment.

6. Earnings in Manufacturing

Entry-level jobs pay $14-$18//hour to start, with hourly pay of $20-$28/hour with experience. That equates to roughly $28,000 to $36,000 annually to start full time, with growth to $40,000 to $56,000 annually.

7. Dozens of Potential Employers

Dozens of local manufacturing companies are hiring all the time, and they like to see potential employees with basic skills and a good work ethic. Among local companies in manufacturing locally are Boeing, Volvo, Nucor, Bosch, Ingevity, BP and a long list of smaller companies. In addition, these skills are transferrable to manufacturing employers anywhere in the country.

8. Key Partners

This training program for veterans is made possible by Walmart, Palmetto Warrior Connection, and Palmetto Training, Inc., in addition to Palmetto Goodwill.

To learn more about Palmetto Goodwill’s Veterans for Manufacturing program, visit PalmettoGoodwill.org or call (843) 566-0072.