Donating Gently Used Clothes Helps Others and the Environment

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1. Update Your Wardrobe

Update your wardrobeOld, out-of-date clothes hanging in your closet create clutter and chaos – the opposite of sparking joy that is all the rage now, thanks to Marie Kondo. Clutter causes disorganization and mess and inhibits your ability to find the clothes you want to wear. Have you ever been late to work because you couldn’t find an article of clothing in the chaos that is your closet? Time to donate the items you haven’t worn in a while.

2. Be Kind to Mother Earth

Re-purposing clothing means that fewer articles are produced in highly polluting textile mills with massive carbon footprints. Textile mills are responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the United Nations. Producing the world’s clothing requires 70 million trees and 70 million barrels of oil annually, and clothing production has doubled in the last four years as the lifetime of each clothing item has shrunk. Doing your part to extend the life of a piece of clothing protects our planet by reducing the production of new clothing.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Landfills take up valuable real estate and often leach pollutants into the ground and groundwater. In 2019 alone, Palmetto Goodwill diverted more than 16.5 million pounds of reusable goods from local landfills, thanks to donations like yours.

4. Giving New Life to Your Neighbors in Need Too

When you donate clothing, you’re funding Palmetto Goodwill's work to help people in our community become independent and self-sufficient by providing support, education and job training.
In that way, repurposing your clothing is helping individuals in our community repurpose their lives. Through Palmetto Goodwill’s job training and employment service programs, the proceeds from your donations help veterans and their families, those who are under-employed or living on government assistance, people with disabilities and others fighting to overcome barriers to employment, find opportunities to become uplifted and independent.

5. Provide Low-Cost Clothing to Others

For disadvantaged and homeless individuals, thrift shops like Palmetto Goodwill stores provide their only opportunity to find affordable clothing. The items you donate are improving the lives of the buyer as well.

6. Get That Tax Deduction

Donations are tax-deductible for those who itemize, saving you money every time you donate. After all the rewards you receive for giving away something you don't want or can't use, add to that the bonus reward of money back in your pocket.

7. It Just Feels So Good

Go ahead – pat yourself on the back for doing something good for someone you don't know who is buying your clothing secondhand, a great non-profit that helps so many, the people whose lives are transformed by Palmetto Goodwill, the planet, and our local community. Individuals right here in our area are working, paying taxes, and enjoying the dignity of independence and self-sufficiency, all because good people like you decide to donate old clothes to Palmetto Goodwill.

To learn more about opportunities to donate and shop at Palmetto Goodwill's 31 stores along the South Carolina coast, visit or call (843) 566-0072.