Your Spring Cleaning, Decluttering Checklist

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As the calendar turns to spring, our thoughts turn to beach trips, bike rides, evenings on the patio and … spring cleaning. The cleaning might not be our favorite activity on the list, but it’s a great way to declutter and get organized before the summer season.

It can be daunting to think about cleaning the whole house top to bottom. Use this checklist to get started and soon you’ll be enjoying a clutter-free and clean home.

Closet purging

A great place to start are the closets. These areas tend to become the default dumping ground so there’s a good chance you’ll find plenty to put into the donation box.

  • Go through all the winter season clothing and pull out anything that’s out of style, worn out or doesn’t fit. If you didn’t wear it this winter, what are the odds you’ll wear it next winter? Be sure to put all the usable items in a box for donating.
  • The same process applies to shoes and accessories like belts, scarves and handbags. If you don’t love it any longer, donate it.
  • While you’re clearing the closet of clutter, take time to wipe off the baseboards and vacuum/mop. There’s a good chance some dust bunnies are lingering in the corners.
  • Everyone has that one closet … the “I don’t know what to do with this, so I’ll stash it here” closet. Go through this space looking for those odds and ends you no longer need – old holiday decorations, unfinished craft projects and one shoe. If you don’t plan to use it soon and it doesn’t have sentimental value, it goes. If it’s still valuable and useful to someone else, donate it.

Spic and span cleaning

This time of year, our Lowcountry homes are covered in a fine layer of pollen. This is the perfect time for a deep cleaning.

  • Dust, dust and dust some more. Thoroughly clean the surfaces of your house to remove dust, pollen and pet hair – a given if you have furry friends in the house.
  • Don’t forget those areas that don’t get cleaned as often: baseboards, window blinds and ceiling fans. These spaces seem to be a magnet for dust.
  • Vacuum the furniture and wash any area rugs to remove dust and pollen tracked in from the outdoors.
  • This is also a great time to wash mattress covers and bedding.

Kitchen refresh

Get ready to host that first backyard barbecue by cleaning up your kitchen and pantry.

  • Go through the cabinets and donate any appliances or kitchen gadgets you no longer use or used once (think: juicer).
  • Wipe out the cabinets and wash those items that only get used periodically such as serving platters or trays.
  • Pantries and spice racks are often filled with expired items that can be tossed. Wipe down the pantry shelves while you’re decluttering.
  • Wash those forgotten surfaces like the top of the refrigerator or the china cabinet.

Spring cleaning isn’t a favorite task, but you feel refreshed and lighter when you clear the clutter and rid your house of dust and pollen.

Now, gather up all the gently worn clothing, working kitchen appliances and electronic devices, and furniture for donation to Palmetto Goodwill. Not only will you feel good about your clean house, but you’ll feel good about giving your unused – yet still useful – items a new home. Plus, your donations help individuals in the community receive job training and employment service opportunities.

To learn more about Palmetto Goodwill, visit, visit a location near you, or call (843)566-0072.