Seeking Self-Care Through Natural Treatments

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If you’ve been under a lot of stress lately -- and who hasn’t -- you might have noticed a big difference in your skin. Stress can not only give you headaches and stomachaches but it can also lead to breakouts and other skin changes. So, if you need a little pick-me-up or you just want to treat yourself, it might be time to head to the salon for some well-deserved pampering.

Jean Baudrand, the franchisee owner of Guinot Institute in Mount Pleasant, has opened a second location on King Street in Charleston, offering such treatments as facials, deep cleanings, rejuvenating peels, aromatherapy treatments, eye lifts and more. Guinot is a French brand of cosmetics and the largest chain of skin care salons in France.

“Everything we do is done through natural treatments, such as creams, serums and oxygenation,” said Baudrand. “We do not do anything invasive.”

However, taking good care of your skin should be more than a once-in-a-while treat. Guinot Institute Paris, which has been around since the early 1960s in France, recommends that customers complete at least three treatments to get the maximum results.

“There is an element of trust and reliability that these skincare treatments deliver results from the first time but then allow the continuation of treatment through the same product that you used during the treatment,” said Baudrand.

In other words, you won’t be left wondering what products the center uses to get your skin to look so good. “The aesthetician provides you with the product recommendations and shows you the right way to use the product so you get the same results from when you were in the center,” said Baudrand. “You come out with products that complement each other and are targeted directly at your objectives for your skin.”

The Center also offers various skin treatments including an electronic stimulation that stimulates the muscles in your face. “A lot of what we do for anti-aging is tone and reshape the muscles,” he said. “And oxygen facilitates the growth or the replacement of the layers of skin, making your skin look younger and fresher.”

Stress also causes tension in the muscles and a massage can help to relax you. Guinot Institute offers body-contouring massages, softening and relaxing massages, exfoliation and relaxation back treatments and more. “We also offer Technispa treatments for relaxing and slimming,” said Baudrand. “It’s perfect for parents and workers who are on their feet all day.”

If you want to look just as good as you feel, consider treating yourself to a waxing. “It’s long-lasting thanks to a proprietary serum that slows hair growth,” he explains. “You can also buy the product to continue treatment at home and delay the time between waxes. It makes the waxing much more economical.”

Times are tough and if you’re busy taking care of the kids or your parents, busy with work or going to school, or you just haven’t had a moment to yourself, now is the time to change that. Self-care is vital to our well-being, so make an appointment and do something for yourself today.

For more information on Guinot Institute, visit, or contact their newest location, 471 King St., Charleston, SC 29403; 854-201-2127.