How to Tailgate Responsibly This Football Season

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Drinking is practically synonymous with football season. Football fans throw a tailgate party before Saturday’s college game. They gather with friends at a local sports bar to watch the pro game on Sunday.

But problems arise when a fan who’s had too many drinks gets behind the wheel. The results can be disastrous – everything from a DUI to a serious car accident.

During football season, here’s how you can be smart and stay safe:

1.Let someone else take the wheel.

Designate at least one member of your group who will stay sober. Have that person collect everyone’s car keys at the beginning of the night so there’s no temptation for anyone to say, “I’m fine to drive,” even when they aren’t.

If no one is good to drive, call a friend or family member to pick you up – they’d be happy to get you home safely. And with options like Uber, it’s never been easier to request a ride home after the game.

2. Don’t bypass a license checkpoint.

During football season and even into the holidays, police are more likely to set up driver checkpoints. If you come to a checkpoint, don’t turn around. Whether you shouldn’t be driving or simply want to avoid having to stop, that action is a red flag to law enforcement. “You’re giving the cops probable cause to come after you,” explains attorney Stephen Harris with Harris & Huge, LLC.

3. Cut yourself off early in the game.

After the first quarter or so, switch from alcohol to water or another non-alcoholic beverage. Share your plan with a friend who can help you monitor your alcohol intake and remind you when it’s time to stop drinking.

If you end up driving after too many drinks and are faced with a DUI, your first call should be to a reputable DUI attorney.

A knowledgeable DUI attorney understands the law and is experienced with DUI cases. Qualified DUI attorneys will take your case seriously. They recognize the severity of a DUI arrest and conviction, and how jail time or a suspended license can impact your work and family life as well as your reputation and financial situation.

The easiest way to avoid a DUI during football season – or anytime of the year – is to stay safe and always let someone else drive you home when you’ve celebrated the big win a little too much.

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