4 Reasons to Regain Your Hearing with a Hearing Aid

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On average, people wait seven years to restore their lost hearing. In the meantime, they miss out on the joy of hearing so many of us take for granted.

But, according to Derrick Woods, co-owner of Holy City Hearing in Mt. Pleasant and Summerville, we experience so much through our ears. “Don’t miss out on the joy of hearing that is awaiting you,” he says.

Here are four reasons to get fitted for a hearing aid so you can hear again.

Share with Loved Ones

Imagine being on your deathbed and not being able to hear your grandchildren whispering goodbyes or your wife telling you how much she loves you. This might sound melodramatic, but Woods actually witnessed this. He brought a woman in hospice hearing aids 24 hours before she died and her family reported that she relaxed, ceased to be frustrated at not hearing, and died with her family around her saying goodbye. “All of them thanked me profusely and reported that as soon as their grandmother had the hearing aids, she was reconnected,” he says.

Reconnect with Family and Friends

Woods fitted a man with hearing aids just before his niece’s wedding. Whereas the man reported he usually faked hearing people and left as soon as possible, he was one of the last to leave his niece’s reception. “He shared with me that he had a special relationship with his niece, and it meant the world to him to be able to be a part of her wedding,” Woods says.

Hear Things You’ve Forgotten

One customer reported that hearing aids helped her discover that the cat she’d loved for nine years purred. She’d never heard it purr before.

Another forgot what joy he got from hearing the birds sing in his backyard. The first time he heard them again after obtaining a hearing aid, he broke down in tears. It had been 10 years without the singing of birds.

Hearing Helps You Speak

Hearing aids our speech. We modulate our volume and form words based on what we hear. For those who lose their hearing, their speech can deteriorate. That doesn’t help if their spouse is struggling to hear as well.

Woods installed a hearing aid in one customer, prompting her husband to marvel at her improvement in speech. “She could hear consonants for the first time in years,” he notes, “and was able to immediately correct her speech.”

Don’t miss out on the audio joys of life and the ability to share and connect with those around you. Visit Derrick and Nancy Woods at Holy City Hearing and find out how your life can change with improved hearing. Schedule a free hearing aid test drive by visiting HolyCityHearing.com/free-hearing-aid-trial or by calling 843-388-4853. Restore the joy you’ve been missing all these years.