Protecting the health of the environment through ‘Green’ lawn care practices

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By: Brian Sherman

For nearly half a century lawn doctor has been offering its customers a wide variety of services from Weed control, fertilization, insect control, and deep root feeding, all the way to mosquito control. Lawn Doctor’s goal is to provide homeowners along with businesses in the low country a lawn and landscape they will be proud of.

Lawn Doctor is a locally owned and operated company that has over 45 years of experience in taking care of the different types of lawns in our area. This allows us to have the best trained and most experienced employees taking care of your lawn.

A beautiful lawn also benefits the environment. Our proprietary technology allows our lawn professionals to precisely measure and apply the optimum blend of nutrients. In fact, the owner of Lawn Doctor stated that some of the services can help promote oxygen and water flow in ways that positively affect entire neighborhoods.

Paying attention to the needs of the environment is especially important in the lowcountry, a coastal area dominated by rivers, marsh and wetlands. It is home to an array of wildlife, birds, fish and mammals.

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Taking care of the environment has always been a priority since Lawn Doctor opened its doors in 1999. Being friendly to the environment isn’t any more important now, but people have become more conscious of it.

Lawn Doctor which services Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville and other areas in the lowcountry offers a wide range of options aimed at maintaining the perfect outdoor space. Other services that are offered by Lawn Doctor: Fungus control, Grub control, fire ant control, core aeration, tree and shrub care and pH balancing.

How good is Lawn Doctor of Charleston, Mount Pleasant and Summerville? The company’s guarantee says it all: If any one of our maintainer care applications does not achieve satisfactory results, simply tell us. Lawn Doctor will either return to the lawn and reapply that application at no additional charge to the customer or refund the full cost of your last application.

The bottom line is that Lawn Doctor is focused on two things: taking care of your lawn and making it a place you can be proud of, and doing our part in taking care of the environment.

The owner’s response when asked what the goal of Lawn Doctor is? “We want you to love your lawn and take pride in the knowledge and techniques that our lawn professionals bring to your lawn. Our goal is to be the company that gets your referrals, because you are proud of your lawn.”

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