How to Avoid Stubbing Your Toes on Concrete: The New Solution

It’s an inevitable situation for homeowners: cracks in the driveway, sidewalks, garage floor or in the concrete patio near the pool. Cracks in the concrete can occur for a number of reasons from routine settling to encroaching tree roots.

Whatever the reason, cracks are an annoying eyesore and, if the pavement is particularly uneven, it can create a tripping hazard. Redoing the concrete is expensive and neglecting repairs can lead more damage down the road.

Lowcountry Basement Systems, which offers crawl space and foundation repair along with concrete lifting and leveling, has introduced a new product to the Charleston area that has the potential to revolutionize concrete repairs.

PolyLevel, a concrete lifting technique, provides an affordable and less destructive alternative and offers numerous advantages over other common slab replacing or raising methods like mudjacking.

Here’s how it works: the team injects a two-part mixture into the concrete through a dime-sized hole. The mixture creates a foam, which lifts the concrete slab back into the desired, even position. The foam hardens and holds the concrete in place.

A lot of homeowners will want to watch the process and are amazed by it,” says Alexis Polityka, marketing assistant for Lowcountry Basement.

She says PolyLevel is a popular product for many homeowners who have uneven concrete. Plus, it’s much cheaper than busting up old concrete with a jack hammer, removing it and pouring new concrete for an entire driveway, she adds.

PolyLevel can lift:


Office floors




Garage floors

Pool decks


Warehouse floors

PolyLevel is also environmentally friendly, waterproof and fast acting so it’s ready for you to park your car on it within 15 minutes.

Lowcountry Basement Systems recently fixed a driveway for an elderly couple. They were stubbing their toes on the uneven concrete walking to the mailbox and were concerned about falling, Polityka says.

When the foreman came out to do the project, the homeowners wanted to watch,” she says. “It’s really cool.”

Check out this time-lapse video to see the process in action:

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