Local Festival Celebrates Freedom, Diversity and Unity

Sponsored by: Lowcountry Freedom Reigns Festival
Reading the Sunday newspaper after worshipping at the church of your choice. Voting for your favorite political candidate or peacefully protesting an injustice. Sharing your views on Facebook or simply reading the comments from others with an opposing opinion.
These activities are commonplace for Americans who enjoy freedoms other countries can barely imagine. It’s that spirit of freedom that inspired a group of Charleston area community members to organize the first Lowcountry Freedom Reigns Festival.
The mission behind the festival is to celebrate those everyday freedoms many people take for granted. Over the course of nine days from Sept. 2-11, residents can attend both free and ticketed events all around the Lowcountry, ranging from concerts to educational symposiums and debates to family-friendly events.
The non-partisan and non-political festival is focused on unity and reminding everyone of the freedoms U.S. citizens enjoy. Freedoms like:
  • Free speech
  • Free press
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom to vote
  • Freedom to peaceably assemble
The festival kicked off this past Saturday with a family event in Summerville’s Azalea Park.
Other event highlights include:
  • The Spirit of Motown: A Charlton Singleton Performance tonight, Sept. 6 at the Charleston Music Hall. Spend the evening enjoying soulful music and reflecting on the impact the Motown movement had on the fight for freedom. Singleton’s musical talents will remind the audience of the bridges that Motown music crossed and the racial barriers it broke down.
  • The Evolving Role of Women in Society on Sept. 7 is a panel discussion led by Jean Toal, retired chief just of the S.C. Supreme Court. This free event takes place at Founders Hall at Charles Towne Landing.
The Lowcountry Freedom Reigns Festival concludes with a 9/11 tribute event in conjunction with the 9/11 Silent Walk across the Ravenel Bridge beginning at 7:30 a.m. It will be followed by a picnic lunch and entertainment at Hanover and Grace Bridge streets.
The diversity of events and overall flavor of the festival supports the idea that people have different viewpoints and opinions – and that’s perfectly fine. Here in the United States, people can voice their varying ideas without malice or hatred toward those who may believe differently.
“Nowadays, there seems to be a festival for everything under the sun,” says John Linton, the festival’s founder. “Other than the Fourth of July, we rarely come together as a community to celebrate our freedoms, and it’s our hope that this festival will give us a reason to unite and celebrate our diversities.”
For more information on the Lowcountry Freedom Reigns Festival and a complete schedule of events, visit freedomreignsfestival.com.