Morelli Celebrates 40 Years by Delighting Its Customers

The way Tony Morelli sees it, staying in business for 40 years maintaining, installing, and repairing HVAC units in the Charleston area was easy: just provide good service.

“It ain’t rocket science,” he says. “Just treat the customer fairly.”

Morelli Heating and Air has grown over the years to 60 employees, 35 trucks, and nearly 10,000 loyal residential and commercial customers, some of whom go back to before the Morelli name was on the company. Morelli’s father established the HVAC division at Charleston Oil Company in the 1960s. Some of those customers continue to call on Morelli more than a half-century later.

A third-generation, family-owned business, Morelli Heating and Air includes Tony, his brother Andrew, daughter and son-in-law. They are the oldest single-owner HVAC company in the Lowcountry. Family connections help keep the company philosophy foremost in everything they do.

“We treat our customers like we want to be treated. We follow the golden rule,” Tony says.

Celebrating 40 years is a testament to the company’s reliable service and its integrity. When Morelli says they are going to do something, they do it.

One thing they say they are going to do is to offer the latest technology to customers. For example, variable refrigerant flow systems allow one compressor and one condenser to heat or cool individual rooms as needed, rather than the whole building all at once irrespective of need, as older systems requiring ductwork do. The significant efficiency gains save customers money.

Older units, like the one likely in your home, turn heat or air conditioning on or off, but nothing in between. New innovations allow for variable heating and air conditioning levels, much like you have in your automobile.

Morelli says even the most basic units his company installs today are 50% more efficient than those from just 20 years ago. Customers can trust Morelli to know the latest innovations and best practices in the industry.

Morelli also installs units that use wireless apps to regulate temperature controls. Customers can control their settings from down the street or across the globe. These apps can even be synced with smart speakers like Alexa to act on voice commands.

Growing up in historic Charleston, as Morelli Heating & Air has done, it’s natural to develop a specialty in controlling the climate of historic buildings. They are familiar with the special requirements of centuries-old structures that require low humidity. Installing ductwork and appliances in fragile old buildings also requires the delicate touch that Morelli has developed over the years.

As a result, Morelli has been linked with some of the best-known historic properties in the Lowcountry. If you’re comfortable while visiting the 200-year-old Aiken Rhett House, the recently renovated South Carolina Society Hall, the late Colonial/early Federal-style Nathaniel Russell House and the Sword Gate house once owned by Abraham Lincoln’s granddaughter, you can thank Morelli.

Ultimately, though, the company believes that its corporate values are what make it special. Says Tony, “People in our company with direct contact to the public understand our philosophy – rule #1: the customer is always right; rule #2: see rule #1.”