New Patient-Focused Senior Care Advantage Program Transforming the Primary Care Industry

Palmetto Primary Care Physicians recently launched their Senior Care Advantage of Palmetto Program, with their patients at top-of-mind.

Palmetto Primary Care Physicians (PPCP), has recently launched their Senior Care Advantage of Palmetto Program, a new initiative that aims to create a valuable experience for senior patients.

PPCP is excited to be one of the first groups in South Carolina to transition to “value-based” care. This new approach to healthcare focuses on overseeing the “total health” of the patient, rather than just treating the disease or health issue they are actively dealing with.

According to Terry Cunningham, CEO of Palmetto Primary Care Physicians, “Senior Care Advantage of Palmetto is not a health plan. Rather, it is an innovative way to deliver health care that enhances the high-quality care and experience that Medicare enrollees receive from their primary care physician.”

Senior Care Advantage of Palmetto was designed and made possible because of a new partnership that Palmetto Primary Care Physicians has established with agilon health (agilon), a company that empowers physicians to transform health care within communities.

The program will be open to all PPCP patients who age into Medicare and are eligible, or those enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan through the practice. This program is not a health plan, and PPCP may work with other health plans in their service areas.

So, what does this program offer eligible seniors? Well, primary care doctors are responsible for making sure all patients attend their annual wellness visits, and chronically ill patients see their primary care physician as often as needed to reduce emergency room visits.

PPCP also oversees overall preventive care for their patients, which means they need to be up to date on regular screenings for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Senior Care Advantage of Palmetto is an all-encompassing healthcare approach for Medicare-age patients.

Along with medical care and hospitalization coverage, if patients are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan the Senior Care Advantage of Palmetto program may include prescription drug, hearing and eye care, and some wellness/fitness programs depending on the plan provider.

When introducing this program, PPCP truly prioritized their patients’ health and healthcare experience. Benefits of advanced primary care include reduced costs for patients, increased patient satisfaction, reduced medical errors, improved doctor/patient relationships, and more truly embracing the “total care” initiative of the program.

You can apply for your Medicare enrollment starting three months before your 65th birthday up through the three months after the month you turn 65. If someone is on Medicare and wants to switch to Medicare Advantage– they can switch if it makes sense for them.

The program also helps to empower the physician and care team to be responsible for the total care of the patient and focuses on preventive care and catching diseases in their tracks.

Terry Cunningham’s vision for the program is to completely change the medical landscape for current and future Medicare patients in South Carolina.

His vision stems from his passion to assist Medicare patients in the pursuit of taking control of their own health. Cunningham says, “I watched my parents on Medicare and how they couldn’t take the position of chairing their own care. This program helps to educate the patient, empower their health provider to educate them, and allow them to take a hold of their own care.”

Interested in learning more about Senior Care Advantage of Palmetto? PPCP is holding a virtual “Shop and Compare” event from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022 – during the Open Enrollment Period when people over 65 can sign up for Medicare.

All seniors interested in exploring their Medicare options are invited to attend and can sign up online by visiting The interactive event includes a physician panel discussing the differences in Medicare and Medicare Advantage; and presentations from insurance health plan representatives and a broker who will do a Medicare 101 Class – basically a run-through of the way Medicare works and options available to those 65 and older.

If you can’t make it to the virtual event, no worries. It will be live on the website until Open Enrollment ends. Take control of your own health today.