Pam Harrington Exclusives Celebrates 45 Years of Success in the Lowcountry

Image provided by Pam Harrington Exclusives.


In 1978, a new lifestyle blossomed along the Carolina Lowcountry coast. In response, a new boutique island real estate company emerged. Pam Harrington Exclusives began by assisting discerning resort island visitors find seasonal accommodations on Kiawah and Seabrook.

Initially, the company’s activity centered around resort island homeowners who wished to rent their properties during the peak season. Pam and her husband, Dr. Monte Harrington, would pack the kids and move to the islands for the summer to oversee resort operations. Everyone pitched in, even the kids who delivered bikes to incoming guests. These initial years were the foundation for the meaningful relationships Pam builds with property owners, and guests alike.

When it came time to sell a beach rental, owners naturally sought out Pam Harrington Exclusives for assistance. Nobody knew them, or their property like Pam. Guests also turned to Pam for guidance with their own vacation home purchases. Pam Harrington Exclusives expanded to meet the growing market. Today, 45 years later, Pam Harrington Exclusives is a leader in luxury real estate sales – a transition that’s only natural.

Pam Harrington

Pam Harrington began her professional career as an intensive care nurse. Personal care and attention to detail and going the extra mile remain intrinsic in her business philosophy today. Heightened personal service is part of the lure and lore on the resort barrier islands of the Carolina Lowcountry.

“When I started out, I never wanted to be the biggest – I only wanted to be the best. After all, my NAME is on the door. Clearly everything that happens here reflects directly on me.”

“That’s why I’ve chosen such very special people to work with me. When you call Pam Harrington Exclusives, you may not actually speak with me personally. But I have every confidence that anyone you may contact on our staff will do everything they can to serve you. It’s a total commitment at Pam Harrington Exclusives.”

Pam Harrington boasts about her dependable team, “My agents are all committed, available, reliable, honest, and they love what they do and have a strong passion to help others find their dream home, just like I do. We want to take our clients from the very beginning all the way through to the end, and beyond.”

Over the last 45 years, Pam Harrington Exclusives has met the challenges of demand and downturn. Her company‘s continued success through both “high” markets and “low” markets is a testament to the longevity and values of the company. Success is based on a thorough knowledge of market conditions, as well as a true commitment to provide individualized, dedicated services to all buyers and sellers.

Today, The Pam Harrington Exclusives team continues to grow and evolve alongside the Kiawah and Seabrook communities - participating in community events, staying up to date on local matters and happenings, and providing knowledge to area newcomers.

As the islands’ populations grow so do the needs of the community. Pam Harrington’s support and commitment to the community is evident with her generous support of the new MUSC Sea Island Emergency Medical Pavilion. Upgrades to Bohicket Marina, and construction of Seafields Retirement & Senior Living Facility, are additional facilities being added to serve the increasing and aging population of the area.

The Kiawah Island name is recognized around the world, synonymous with world class golf and luxury. It’s original charisma and natural appeal remain uncompromised. The same is true of neighboring Seabrook Island – still intimate and essentially residential.

“Kiawah is truly a resort, first and second-home market. People come here looking for pleasures, fun, and wholesome memories with their family. This is what Kiawah and Seabrook both represent,” says Pam.

Although the islands’ population continues to grow, the concept of Pam Harrington Exclusives remains unchanged. Highly personalized service and a true commitment to patient, comprehensive representation have always been our priorities.

As a top-player in a competitive real estate market, Pam has nothing but appreciation and respect for her journey to success. She enjoys “the hunt” of helping folks find their dream home in the Lowcountry.

Pam Harrington Exclusives’ clients can truly count on a rewarding, simple experience with a dedicated, knowledgeable team.

“My staff was carefully chosen to complement my own experience, adding new dimensions of energy, expertise and talent. If one of us can’t answer a question or solve a particular problem, the other can. That attitude literally shows in our office layout – with open doors, easy access and an upbeat, friendly atmosphere. When you come in to see us, you’ll see for yourself.

I started doing business that way – and after 45 years, it’s been a highly successful strategy. You have my personal assurance that’s how things will stay at Pam Harrington Exclusives – Real Estate.”

At Pam Harrington Exclusives, we tend to create lasting friendships with our clients – business relationships that endure. Many clients came to us first for seasonal rentals. Many came back to stay.

Pam says, “I love what I do. It’s been a great ride, and I’ve enjoyed every single minute. I want folks to know that they can depend on my company and come back anytime. That’s my reward for these 45 years of hard work.”

For more information on Pam Harrington Exclusives and Island Real Estate, visit their website here or call 843.768.3635.