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Attaining and maintaining your optimum weight isn't easy. The journey to the desired weight loss destination differs for each person, with success resulting from a combination of lifestyle choices and weight loss tools. Most importantly, dropping inches and pounds is an individualized process made possible by customized evidence-based approaches.

"People don't realize how many critical choices they make in a day," says Kim Uyak, co-owner and financial and operations director for Physician's Plan Weight Loss + Wellness. "Sometimes we make good choices, and sometimes we amp up our game and make better choices."

She adds, "Once our clients reach their goal weight, maintaining the healthy habits that helped achieve the weight loss goal continues to be necessary." For this reason, customizing the plan to each participant supports sustainable weight loss, not a roller coaster of gains and losses. However, depriving yourself of the fun and enjoyment of attending a birthday party or going out to dinner occasionally is unnecessary.

Physician's Plan offers a variety of tools to help you get your weight where you want it, starting with an experienced medical team that provides advice, support, and accountability to help you reach your goals. Appetite suppression is also essential, curbing your cravings and providing an energy boost while your body adjusts to healthier eating habits.

"This doesn't make your fat melt away. It just gives you a little more control of your appetite while your body adjusts to making lifestyle changes," Uyak explains.

Nutrition, of course, is a crucial aspect of leading a healthier lifestyle.

"We try to teach people to recognize better choices by looking at food labels and learning what percentages of protein, carbs, and fats in a day would be ideal," she says. "The total number of calories a person should consume in a day is based on their metabolic rate, size, physical activity and, to a point, gender." She adds that men generally need more calories than women, and portion size for both genders is important. 

Helping clients find healthy recipes and know what foods to keep on hand makes the road to better health less bumpy. In addition, natural fat burners such as B12 injections are available at Physician's Plan. Uyak says the injections are a more efficient method of speeding your metabolism than consuming the vitamin through pills or the food you eat.

"With an injection, you pick up more of the B12," she says. "That's important on a metabolic level. You feel better, and you're not dragging at the end of the day. The injections help release fat. It's different than getting B12 through eating."

Losing weight, Uyak says, is not always all about the numbers on a scale. She notes that, in many cases, it's more about how you feel and how well your clothes fit. She points out that the safest way to lose weight is to drop no more than a pound or two a week. Getting thinner too quickly could mean you are losing muscle rather than fat. 

Uyak adds that one of the most critical factors in changing your lifestyle to improve your health and well-being is having someone keeping you accountable. A partner "cheering you on," such as the team at Physician's Plan, provides the encouragement you need to keep moving toward your goal.

"Our method is proven. It's not a gimmick. It is based on your individual needs, wants, lifestyle, and taste preferences," she concludes. "We care about each client's success. We keep your goals a priority. With our tools, we will build a plan for you that keeps the weight off."

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