5 DIY LEGO® Brick Crafts


Sponsored by: South Carolina Aquarium

Here are 5 ideas for upcycling and transforming LEGO® bricks into innovative and colorful items for the house, the office, or even a fish tank! Build them with your kids or as a creative craft project on your own - LEGO® bricks can truly be enjoyed by people of all ages.

1. LEGO® Brick Magnets

You can make LEGO® brick magnets for your fridge or your work area, and add color and functionality to your space. All you need are LEGO® bricks, magnets, super glue, and some gold (or any color of your preference) spray paint.

2. LEGO® Brick Box

Speaking of your work area, a LEGO® brick box is a good way to organize all of those wayward pens, markers and pencils scattered across your desk. Much like the magnets, you can choose specific LEGO® brick colors or paint the bricks your desired shade. You could even use it as a colorful flower vase!

2. LEGO® Brick Ornaments

The holidays are fast approaching and it’ll be time to trim the tree before you know it. Whether you're all about the themed tree or your thing is the hodge-podge of colorful ornaments, there's a LEGO® ornament design made for you.

4. LEGO® Brick Planter

Build the perfect home for your flowers or herbs. This LEGO® brick craft is useful, pleasing to the eye and easy to construct. All you need are LEGO® bricks, scissors, a power drill, potting soil and of course, the flower of your choice.

5. LEGO® Brick Coral Reef

Build a fish tank accessory, like a coral reef or castle, and add it to your tank for the enjoyment of your family fishes. If you don’t have a fishbowl or tank at home, you can add your personal touch to the South Carolina Aquarium’s brick coral reef. Construct your favorite underwater animal or a colorful section of coral – get creative, the world is your oyster!