Take the Day Off

Sponsored by: South Carolina Aquarium

When’s the last time you went on a walking tour of the peninsula or visited Fort Sumter? When was the last time you spent an afternoon at Middleton Place or Magnolia Plantation and Gardens? And when, when, when was the last time you checked out Colonial Lake, which has recently had one heck of a makeover? The Old Exchange Building that houses Provost Dungeon has had a new facelift too. Have you ever been? What else might you have missed?

Go ahead and own June. Pretend it’s a holiday and take a day off. Make it a Wednesday. Go explore your city. Invite a friend and do something touristy. Sure Spoleto just passed, and Independence Day is just around the corner, but today is still a good day to take it easy. Take a stroll through the Charleston City Market or down to the Battery and take advantage of the shady green of White Point Garden. Pick up a picnic from Verde to take along, or treat yourself to a lavish lunch at Slightly North of Broad. And of course, a trip to the beach is never a bad idea, particularly without weekend traffic.

Or even better, do the unexpected: take in one of the After Hours events at the South Carolina Aquarium. This means you can enjoy all the wonders of the seas after the close of business. There’s one scheduled for June 23 and another on July 21. If you can swing it, grab an especially “happy” happy hour special at the Victor Social Club or Closed for Business beforehand—the Aquarium is open until 10 p.m. both nights, so make it snappy. There’s also an unforgettable vegetable plate at Oak Steakhouse. It’s somehow incredibly satisfying to go to one of Charleston’s finest steakhouses and order veggies. Something else not many will have seen coming: the wonderment of walking the Ravenel Bridge at dawn—then head to Caviar & Bananas for breakfast.

Make it a summer of surprises. This isn’t stay-cation. This is life in the Lowcountry. Take the day off and enjoy it.