Somerby's Longevity in Senior Market Attributed to Amenities and Reputation

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When you’re searching for a new place to live, communities will do whatever they can to pull you in — everything will look clean and pretty and the people will seem nice. Before you know it you are signing a lease. But when you finish window shopping and are all moved in, how do you know that management will truly care about you and your experiences?

Resident satisfaction is very important to the management of Somerby Mount Pleasant, a senior living community that has been around for 11 years. “We work where our residents live, so we have a ‘them-first’ mentality,” said Chris Tharp, Somerby’s executive director and campus administrator.

Somerby tries to be proactive about the residents’ lifestyle experiences, so they arrange regular phone calls to get feedback. “We call looking for areas of improvement,” said Tharp. “In 2019, we have yet to have a customer-satisfaction-move-out. Somerby Mount Pleasant also has the highest tenure per resident within the Somerby brand.”

Somerby is a premium senior lifestyle community and the company funds the residents’ experiences. “Somerby has a generous budget to support dining and lifestyle and to hire good people,” he said. “They can give better care and service which leads to resident longevity and a good reputation. A lot goes into the care and service we provide.”

That care includes an on-site physician and access to a full-time therapy group that includes speech, occupational and physical therapy. “We also have a specialist in Parkinson’s and heated salt-water pools for aqua-therapy,” said Tharp. “A shuttle service takes residents to their doctors and dentist appointments at no charge.”

As the residents' age, it’s only natural that their health and, at times, friendships decline. “With seniors, the leading health challenge is depression,” said Tharp. “They have a feeling of insecurity and anxiety and when they feel this way they don’t want to cook anymore, so malnutrition is a big issue too. Living at Somerby, they never have to worry about meals and socialization mitigates the depression and loneliness.”

Residents have access to chef-prepared meals at the property’s Château Restaurant as well as a variety of social activities. “Dining is a social time, but residents can also enjoy at least eight different activity options every day, including baseball, bridge, rummikub, pool, yoga and movies,” said Tharp.

Moving to a senior community can be a difficult transition, but with an array of amenities at Somerby Mount Pleasant and management that cares, the transition is smooth and the residents are happy.

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