3 Important Reasons to Choose Continuum of Care

Living on your own becomes more difficult as you get older. Maintenance can be arduous, and it often takes longer to find and get help when you need it. Plus, when the worst happens, you may not be prepared.

However challenging living on your own may become, many people prefer their independence over convenience and security, but suppose you could have all three?

Living in a retirement community does not mean you have to lose an independent lifestyle. In fact, it can even enhance your independence by providing opportunities that may not have existed otherwise. Somewhere like a continuum of care retirement community (CCRC) – which covers healthcare delivery over a period of time – provides healthcare services for all ages and stages of care, according to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.

Consider these three essential reasons to choose a continuum of care for your retirement community:

1. Holistic Health Care

Taking care of you and your loved ones can get difficult in the later years, especially when dealing with debilitating chronic conditions. Continuing care retirement communities provide residents with care at the level they need, whenever they need it. CCRCs generally provide active, independent living; assisted living that offers some level of independence; rehab and skilled nursing care for those most in need, all on one campus.

2. Independent, Safe Living

One reason many delay the move to a retirement community is because they fear losing their independence. At South Bay at Mount Pleasant, you can relax knowing you have maintenance-free apartment living while you’re healthy and all the health care you might need as you age.

3. A Better Lifestyle

The best part about living in a retirement community is the amenities you looked at so carefully when choosing where to live. With a CCRC, you can ensure you are choosing a place that evolves with your needs as you grow older, with incredible benefits you can enjoy for years to come. By not worrying about your health, you will enjoy the things you looked for in the first place when choosing a retirement community – whether it’s relaxing by the spa or biking to the beach, CCRCs like South Bay at Mount Pleasant have what you need to be carefree.

If you’re looking for a great place to retire in the Lowcountry, South Bay at Mount Pleasant is a luxury continuing care retirement community that offers residents stunning surroundings, a beautiful, maintenance-free apartment home and an exceptionally fulfilling lifestyle. This remarkable new community opens in the summer of 2018. To find out more, visit their website at SouthBayAtMountPleasant.com or call Jennifer Smith at (843) 352-4986.