Continuity of Care in a Continuing Care Retirement Community

It is easy for seniors to be overwhelmed with the multitude of senior living options available to them in today’s market. Independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory support are terms often used, but never fully explained, as individuals research living options for themselves or their loved one. Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), like South Bay at Mount Pleasant, provide accommodations for a full continuum of care, removing the guesswork and allowing residents to enjoy their retirement years.

There are several benefits of selecting a continuing care retirement community with the greatest being the ease of transition between levels of care as individual needs change. Natural age progression may lend to residents moving along the continuum from independent living into the higher levels of care, but there may be times as well when health and care needs fluctuate between levels. Having a full continuum of care available in the same community allows residents to slide up and down the care spectrum preserving their quality of life, established relationships and lifestyle.

Priority access to ALL levels of care makes the CCRC a desirable senior living model. Following an acute hospitalization, residents may use their Medicare benefits for a short-term rehabilitation stay on the Skilled Nursing Unit. After their rehabilitation is complete, they can progress to the level of care necessary to ensure success versus being set up for failure in an environment that lacks support. Assisted living is a perfect option for those residents who aren’t ready to resume an independent lifestyle but who no longer require skilled nursing on a daily basis. When the resident, along with their interdisciplinary care team, determine they are ready for a return to independent living, the CCRC also offers outpatient rehab on campus, which can be easily accessed without having to walk outside. As outpatient rehab goals are met, the Independent Living Wellness Director works closely with the Health Center therapists to design a workout regimen for continued success and results.

Choosing to move into a continuing care retirement community also gives residents a sense of autonomy and control in making important decisions as they plan for their future. When seniors delay a move into a senior community, they may end up having the decision made for them, often leaving them feeling angry and defeated. Having a plan in place by becoming a resident in a CCRC provides priority access to the full spectrum of care levels and support already in place should an unexpected change in care needs occur.

South Bay at Mount Pleasant and Shem Creek Health Center at South Bay have raised the bar even higher by further expanding their continuum of care. Through its affiliation with The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Health, Shem Creek Health Center offers residents access to primary care services in their on-site clinic. Specializing in geriatric medicine, residents across the continuum at South Bay and Shem Creek will have exclusive access to some of the area’s most highly acclaimed gerontologists as their primary care doctors.

The easy access to care and the knowledge of a smooth transition make continuing care retirement communities unique. Residents enjoy the lifestyle they want with the added value of accommodations with health care services should they need them. Luxury amenities and the full continuum of senior care levels allow residents the opportunity to experience elegant retirement in all stages of the senior years.