Shem Creek Health Center at South Bay Offers Residents a Wide Range of Healthcare Options

As we age, we hope to always be healthy and independent while living comfortably in our homes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. You or your loved one might find that you need assistance with your daily living activities or need rehabilitation services for a variety of reasons including an unforeseen medical event, a chronic medical diagnosis, or just the normal effects of aging.

It’s not easy to make the decision to move, but choosing the right community that has everything you need is vitally important to your care and happiness as you get older.

The Shem Creek Health Center at South Bay offers assisted living, skilled nursing, memory support services, and a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility. “So, we are able to manage all of their care under one roof.”

Occasionally, a resident may need surgery or have an unexpected hospital stay. “If a resident falls and breaks a hip, they're able to come back from the hospital and have access to our state-of-art skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility, allowing them to receive medical assistance, as well as any physical and occupational therapies they may need to safely return to their home,” said Nicole Sharpe, Marketing Director of South Bay’s Shem Creek Health Center.

If a resident has chronic health issues, needs help with medications, or such close monitoring of their blood pressure, the skilled nursing team at Shem Creek provides residents with specialized and ongoing care.

These services also include access to MUSC Health Geriatrics, which offers a full range of primary care services exclusive to our residents and their office is located onsite. “Our residents can elect to have the doctors as their primary care physicians,” said Sharpe. “These health services are for residents of South Bay and Shem Creek Health Center.”

The good news is that when a resident moves into an assisted living facility, it doesn’t mean they are giving up the comforts of home. “Shem Creek offers four different styles of apartments,” said Sharpe. “With each floor having a country kitchen, open concept community space, and spacious screened-in porch. We also have staff that has an incredible depth of knowledge when it comes to caring for seniors. We are able to provide so much more for our residents.”

“Your loved one means everything to you. Make sure you choose a community that truly offers everything they need to be as healthy and as happy as they can,” said Sharpe.


Shem Creek Health Center at South Bay is part of Liberty Healthcare, which has been helping people address their healthcare and residential needs for more than 125 years, with multiple communities across several states.


For more information, visit or contact South Bay at Mount Pleasant, 1400 Liberty Midtown Dr., Mount Pleasant, SC 29464; 843-936- 2800.