Spring Cleaning Just Got Easier

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Kick start your cleaning with STASH Storage

Have you ever rented a storage unit and packed it with so many items that you couldn’t find something when you needed it? Did you realize too late that you didn’t have enough things to store and ended up paying for space you didn’t need? Do you have to find a good friend who is willing to loan you a pickup truck or—even worse—rent one every time you move items from your house or apartment to a storage unit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve probably been wasting time and money, and you might not know about an innovative company in the storage industry that offers free pick up and delivery, stores your items in a safe, climate-controlled environment, and retrieves them for you when you need them. Even better, you only pay for the space you use.

STASH Storage gives you options when you need to store items, whether it’s because of dislocation, downsizing, divorce, or any other reason. The company doesn’t even charge for STASH boxes—durable, lockable, and 100% recycled boxes that are perfect for storing a wide variety of items. You can even store larger items like furniture!

Regardless, you only pay a monthly fee based on the amount of space you use in STASH Storage’s 30,000-square-foot warehouse in North Charleston. The company has the technology to instantly locate every item in the warehouse.

“People want everything at their fingertips digitally,” says STASH Storage CEO Nick Jordan. “They value their time. We charge only for what you use. If you use three little corners, that’s what you pay for. We help you be as optimal as possible.”

The company is based in the Charleston area, but Jordan said his trucks will drive 45 minutes to an hour to pick up items. He also schedules trips to Columbia or Myrtle Beach to take care of the needs of multiple customers.

STASH Storage has been in Charleston for around four years and is currently growing into the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina. Jordan says the company is considering moving into three additional markets in the coming year. With a background in technology and entrepreneurship, he originally started working with Stash Storage as a vendor, but he felt so strongly about the innovative concept in the storage industry that he invested in the company, joined the board, and is now the CEO.

In addition to serving the needs of people who simply need to make room in their homes, STASH Storage offers companies the option of receiving shipments at the warehouse and then delivering them regularly.

STASH customers can even store items that they have no intention of retrieving.

“We’ve had some people put living room furniture in storage that they wanted to sell. When they found a buyer, STASH was there to deliver to the end buyer,” Jordan explains.

To learn more about how you can save time and money when you need to store a wide range of items, visit stashstorage.com, email help@stashstorage.com, or call 866-932-14410.