3 Ways to Remember Your Loved Ones this Holiday Season

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The holidays are here. For many, it’s the most joyful time of year. Yet, no matter how many years have passed, the season can be difficult when grieving the loss of a loved one. However, there are a few ways you can make the season a bit brighter.

Incorporating your loved ones into your holiday celebration is a great way to keep them alive in your memories while bringing a light of positivity to you while grieving their loss. Here are a few ways that you can remember your lost loved ones during this time and add peace and comfort to the season when you need it the most.

1. Memorial Ornaments

One way to remember a loved one during the holidays is to gift your relatives with memorial ornaments. Choose your favorite photo of your loved one, or a photograph of them during a time that was special. Many companies personalize these ornaments to fit exactly what you’re looking for. Hang the ornament on your tree or gift them to those who loved them, too. Personalize the ornament to fit a style that your loved one would have hung on their tree, and you will feel as though they inspired the selection in a way. If pictures are unavailable for an ornament, you can also find one with their favorite sports team or another hobby that they loved.

2. Winter Flowers as Remembrance

Decorate your home with poinsettias or another special flower that reminds you of your loved one as a beautiful remembrance during the holidays. Poinsettias are often associated with grief because they symbolize goodwill, community spirit, and revival of the soul; their bright red color can be joyful to see around your home. If you decorate with poinsettias or another winter flower as a remembrance, you will do just that throughout the holidays.

3. A Candlelit Moment

A more intimate way to remember your lost loved one could be with a candlelit moment of silence. You can do this during a family gathering or dinner. Perhaps you could write a letter to your loved one and take a few peaceful moments to reminisce on your memories with them. If it isn’t too difficult for you, look through photos that you shared during the holidays. Taking a moment to remember your loved one can offer feelings of peace instead of a dark grievance.

Cherish the Memories

No matter how you honor your loved one during the holiday, remember that you will always have the times that you shared and your wonderful memories to cherish during the season.

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