4 Style Trends and Guidelines for Funeral Attire

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As with any important occasion, one of the big questions is: What to wear? People often wonder the same thing when it comes to funerals or memorial services. And while it may be a somber occasion, you still want to look your best to honor the life of the person who has passed.

Here are a few current trends to ensure you are both respectful and stylish for the service:

1. Celebrate life with color

Black and other dark shades may still be the standards, but some families are opting for brighter colors to mark the occasion as a celebration. If the service is less traditional, consider donning a pastel colored dress shirt rather than the conventional white or a jewel-toned tie for a pop of color. A sundress, shawl or sheath dress in a vivid hue would also be appropriate. Just be sure whatever you choose is still fairly formal; just because the dress code isn’t all black doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up as a sign of respect.

2. Ditch the tie

Since fewer people are working 9-5 workday jobs, an increasing number of funeral guests are coming straight from work and many are opting to go tie-less. However, even as memorials and funerals become less strict, it’s still not a great idea to wear a t-shirt. So, if you decide to skip the tie, though, you should still wear a collared shirt, such as a button down or polo.

3. Dress up with little details

The right accessories and details are an easy way to jazz up a plain ensemble. Suits, for instance, can be easily upgraded with a subtle monochrome pattern, a colored tie or a lapel pin honoring a specific cause (i.e. breast cancer or heart disease), there are plenty of ways to upgrade your suit game while still remaining appropriate. And don’t think suits are just for men; women are increasingly forgoing dresses for a well-tailored pantsuit.

Layered necklaces, mismatched earrings and brooches are also trendy and tasteful ways to accessorize. You can also pull inspiration from decades past with a fascinator hat or black lace veil. Choose your accessories with care, though. You don’t want to choose anything that makes noise, such as stacked bracelets, or pulls too much focus.

4. Stay mindful of location

When selecting your outfit, make sure you keep in mind any specific cultural requirements, the location and the season. An outdoor service in Charleston, for instance, will be warm, so choose lighter fabrics and bring a pair of sunglasses. A beach memorial may also be more casual, but if you’re not sure, consult with a representative for the venue or a close friend or family member organizing the service.

Of course, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you wear or anyone else wears. A funeral isn’t a fashion show; it’s not about designer labels or wearing the trendiest outfit. It’s about being there for the family, respecting the family and honoring the passed loved one.

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