5 Ways to Make Sure your Legacy Lives on Long After you're Gone

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By Lauren Griffith

Before people pass away, many hope to leave a legacy behind. This is a normal wish, as everyone has one life to live and wants to be remembered for something after they pass.

It’s never too early to begin creating your legacy, and there are many ways to make sure your legacy lives on long after you’re gone. The following five ideas will help you brainstorm how you want to leave the legacy of your incredible life behind.

1. Children

Having children ensures that a legacy of your life will continue on. Your children will have special memories of you and with you that will continue your legacy within them.

The role that children play in carrying your legacy can be filled in a variety of ways. For those who can’t have biological children, adoption or fostering can be incredibly fulfilling and can make a major impact on the lives of children who are without parents.

2. Writing a Memoir

Have you ever considered writing your favorite memories and the best moments of your life into a memoir? This is a great way to leave behind a bit of you -- even if the memoir is never published. Your life makes a great story that someone will want to read one day, even if your favorite memories are all that you care to be remembered by.

3. Planting a Tree

Planting a tree is a lovely and environmentally- friendly way to continue your legacy. You can select where you want the tree to be planted; whether it be your childhood neighborhood to a park that you loved to visit. The world could always use more trees, and you can even incorporate a name plaque near your legacy tree.

4. Social Media

In this day and age, social media is one of the most important tools for communicating with others and building a name for yourself on multiple digital platforms. Posting photos and videos of your life now will ensure that a digital legacy of your life will be left behind, as well.

If you don’t enjoy social media or posting in general, simply sharing photos of yourself and your loved ones via email or text helps others stay up to date on what is happening in your life and will use those memories to keep you alive long after you’re gone.

5. Writing a Legacy Letter

Many people choose to write a legacy letter before they pass; whether to their children, grandchildren, family members, or loved ones. These legacy letters often include heartfelt messages to those that you love, and perhaps a few pieces of important advice. In your legacy letter, it may also be beneficial to include anything about your life that you wish for others to know-- whether it be a few of your favorite things, quotes, sayings, or memories.

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