Creative Ways to Honor a Loved One's Memory This Holiday Season

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The holiday is a time of gathering with friends and family. It’s a joyous season marked by laughter, good spirits and time-honored traditions. But for those missing a spouse, parent, child or loved one, the holiday season can be challenging.
Whether the loss is recent or several years old, this time of year is a stark reminder of the people who are missing from the dinner table or whose stocking won’t be filled on Christmas morning.
Grieving the loss of a loved one at the holidays – especially the first holiday – is a completely natural process. One way to make the loss just a little easier is by creating new traditions that honor a loved one’s memory.
Create an ornament with the loved one’s name or photo that you can hang on the Christmas tree. Pulling that ornament out of the box each year is a great time to share a cherished memory from a past holiday. And it’s especially important for children or grandchildren who may not have many memories of that particular family member.
As you gather for a holiday dinner or Christmas Eve gift exchange, take some time to remember lost loved ones with a special story, funny anecdote or holiday memory. This tradition encourages family members to focus on those special times together rather than the heavy grief of the loss.
If a loved one’s passing is fairly recent, consider leaving an empty seat at the holiday dinner table. It’s a subtle, yet poignant way, to show this lost loved one is still a part of the celebration in spirit.
Instead of giving individual gifts, pool those dollars and make a donation to a charity or cause special to your loved one. A donation in their memory is a way to have an impact while honoring one of their passions. In fact, you may want to make this an annual tradition.
Whether it’s baking a family cookie recipe, sharing stories of holidays past or playing a beloved Christmas carol, there are plenty of ways to celebrate loved ones at the holiday season.
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