Common area, café create sense of community

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By: H. A. Fisher

One of the definitions of “community” is a feeling of camaraderie with others. At Summers Corner, a new home community in Summerville opening this month, it happens in parks, gardens, public gathering spaces and the neighborhood coffee shop.

The seeds of community have been carefully planted at The Commons – the hub of activity at Summers Corner, and a place where friendships are forged. Outdoor markets will spring forth on weekend mornings. Families will plant themselves in the grass to watch a movie in the park. Master gardeners will teach residents how to make heirloom tomatoes flourish.

And at the center of it all is a spot aptly named Corner House Café + Information. It’s a warm welcome to Summers Corner and an invitation to sit and stay awhile. Where visitors can savor a latte and scone, enjoy a craft beer and sandwich, or sip a glass of wine.

Drop in and you’ll see the spirit of connecting in action, thanks to Tracey Erwin, Corner House Café + Information’s community marketing specialist.

“A fundamental part of Summers Corner is the sense of community,” Erwin says. “It’s even in my title! I take great pride in the connections we are creating here … at Corner House and in our neighborhoods.”

Erwin’s job is to welcome those who live in — or visit — Summers Corner and provide the insider’s scoop on what is happening in the community. “The best part of what I do is helping old friends connect and new friends meet,” Erwin says. All in this lovely place we get to call home.”

With Corner House, demonstration gardens, the start of future retail shops and more, The Commons is the heart of Summers Corner. And it serves not just as a gateway to a community of homes, but to a system of woods and trails as well. It’s just a short walk to the Pool House, where you can spend a day relaxing in the cool water and warm sun. And after you spend a day of quiet solitude at Buffalo Lake, it is the endpoint of Buffalo Lake Trail, bringing you back to the buzz of — what else — community.

See for yourself: Visit Corner House and tour the six model homes Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm and Sunday 1pm - 6pm.