It’s time. To get back to time-honored principles.

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By: Kara Connolly

When was the last time you just…slowed down? It’s not often we get that luxury. To stop. Take a breath. And really, truly appreciate the people and places around us. Summers Corner is a new community that wants to change that. By helping people bring their lives back into balance, and reconnecting with what is essential…nature, and each other.

Distinguished by iconic parks and beautiful gardens. Surrounded by dense woods and shimmering lakes. Dotted with small, clustered neighborhoods. Summers Corner is a place that captures the simple joys of the Lowcountry. You’ll feel it when you dip your feet—or your fishing line—into Buffalo Lake. You’ll notice it when you meet your friends for coffee at the community gathering spot, the Corner House. You’ll sense it when your kids unplug from technology and actually go outside to explore the nearby trails. There is something decidedly different about this place.

Planned with an emphasis on the unfiltered beauty of the area, each home will be no more than a minute’s walk from a park or public garden. And around the edges, broad expanses of freshwater lakes, miles of trails and wood areas will create a natural barrier between Summers Corner and the rest of the world.

Even the homes here will capture the simplicity of a bygone era, giving an architectural nod to the historic settlements of the region. The neighborhoods will feature homes with diverse setbacks and time-tested design styles and building practices that evoke the heritage of the Lowcountry. Broad front porches will encourage neighborly conversation, and generous window sizes and garden rooms will open up to allow breezes in. The lines between inside and out will be wonderfully blurred. Offered by a select group of builders—Sabal Homes, Eastwood Homes and FrontDoor Communities—the homes of Summers Corner will range in size from 1,300 to 3,600 square feet and start in the high $200,000s. Sales will begin during the grand opening this summer.

But you can see many of the builder portfolios online now, at