Summerville Behavioral Health Launches Yoga, Microdosing and In-house Holistic Treatment Options Under One Roof

Summerville Behavioral Health and Y’all Yoga have more in common than simply sharing the same building. The two sister businesses have combined a wealth of experience and out-of-the-box thinking to offer a wide range of individualized treatment for those suffering from mental health issues.

From yoga to FDA approved esketamine treatments to a trio of alternative therapeutic possibilities, patients can count on an array of options from a variety of professionals, all housed under one roof in downtown Summerville.

In its role in the company’s holistic approach to mental health, the yoga studio offers movement therapy, mindfulness and breathing techniques, according to Ashley Burke-King, who has earned a master’s in Counselor Education and is trauma-informed yoga certified. She runs the studio, while her parents, Rhonda Burke, LPC, NCC and William Burke, Ph.D., opened what is now Summerville Behavioral Health in 1989. A team of practitioners including James Fox, MD, Christine Hamolia, APRN, Kathleen Waters, PMHCNS, NP and Emily DeQuattro, LISW-CP round out this work family.

Burke-King pointed out that Y’all Yoga would host classes in all types of yoga for the general public beginning in October. Highlighting its commitment to the close connection between mind and body, Y’all Yoga recently began an anxiety and trauma workshop which also was open to anyone who wanted to attend.

“We believe in the mind-body connection 100%,” she said. “The effects of dysfunctional mental health can create stress, heart disease and diabetes. The mind-body connection isn’t necessarily the approach taken in the Western world. We tend to be more clinically motivated.”

“Yoga is one of those treatments proven to be just as effective as traditional drugs similar to Prozac,” she added. “There’s empirical evidence that treating the body and mind together is beneficial.”

In addition to yoga, Summerville Behavioral Health offers FDA approved esketamine treatments through a nasal spray used to treat Major Depressive Disorder and anxiety when traditional drugs have been ineffective – or for those who don’t want to be on medication for long periods. The dosage, Burke-King pointed out, is determined on an individual basis. Patients administer the nasal spray under medical supervision, and they are carefully monitored for a few additional hours afterward.

“There is significant evidence that suggests that this is an efficient way of starting to see some results,” she said.

Burke-King said some insurance policies cover a portion of the cost of the treatments, while others don’t because esketamine is a reasonably new option.

“It comes down to what’s working for the patient, everything from results to economics,” she said.

She added that Summerville Behavioral Health offers several other therapeutic options, including FDA approved transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and brainspotting.

TMS, which helps control anxiety and depression, manipulates brain waves with a magnet placed on the patient’s head to stimulate specific areas of the brain with high-pulse magnetic waves. The rate, frequency and length of time for the treatment are regulated based on the patient’s individual needs.

EMDR, which also is used to treat trauma and its associated issues, utilizes physical stimulation and lateral eye movements to “literally reprogram your brain,” Burke-King said, adding that “it helps your mind process more effectively by using both sides of your brain simultaneously”.

Brainspotting, a powerful brain-based treatment method that makes use of the natural phenomenon of “where you look affects how you feel” with a wide variety of treatments and life applications.

“Where we focus our eyes has an effect on where we are in our brains,” Burke-King commented.

Summerville Behavioral Health and Y’all Yoga, “a one-stop-shop for all your mental health needs,”

are located at 204 N. Cedar St. in Summerville. To learn more, visit or or call 843-900-3601 or 843-821-2480.