Table & Twine Brings Restaurant Quality to your Doorstep

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How convenient would it be to return home from a long day at work or a family outing at the beach and, within 30 minutes, be relaxing at your dinner table enjoying a restaurant-quality meal prepared by an experienced chef?

It’s not wishful thinking to imagine this scenario taking place in the comfort of your own home or your vacation rental. After more than 40 successful years in the culinary business in the Lowcountry, Duvall Catering & Events launched Table & Twine in August 2020, which is now providing top-of-the-line meals to individuals and families in the greater Charleston area.

In the beginning, Table & Twine was all about meals for special occasions such as Easter and Mother’s Day. Now, according to Ashley Gunnin, director of sales and business development at Duvall, Table & Twine focuses on made-to-order dishes, including family-sized versions and, of course, kids’ meals.

Gunnin explained how the system works. First, you visit and check out the current week’s offerings – which, at the end of April included entrees such as horseradish crusted beef tenderloin; tamarind sweet & sour honey glazed salmon; and pan-seared chicken with spinach & caramelized onions; among other delectables. You place your order 48 hours ahead for pickup on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, or you can choose to have your food delivered to your doorstep, packed with ice, complete with detailed instructions on how to complete the cooking process.

“The food is 75% prepared when you get it, and it takes 15 minutes or less to get it ready to eat, usually in the oven but sometimes in the microwave,” Gunnin said. “There’s no chopping, shopping or measuring required.”

She added that some meals – entrees, sides and all – can go into the oven on a single sheet pan.

“Our offerings are delicious, and so easy and convenient,” she pointed out.

Can serving up a scrumptious dinner be even easier? With some rental agencies, vacationers at resort homes on any of the surrounding islands, Kiawah Island for example, can have the almost-ready-to-eat meals delivered directly to their refrigerators.

Table & Twine meals are convenient and take almost no time at all from doorstep to dinner table, but they are anything but fast food. They are painstakingly prepared under the direction of Executive Chef James Fox, who was trained at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and Chef Dan Metzger, a graduate of Johnson & Wales University.

In addition to its regular entrees, Table & Twine offers a “Healthy Lifestyle Menu” that is dairy, gluten and soy free, with no added sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives. Another option is the “Bistro Menu,” which consists of items such as salads, soups and bowls. And, for those of you who prefer cooking outdoors, there’s a selection of chicken and burgers that you can put on the grill.

Gunnin pointed out that the launch of Table & Twine has been in the works for a while but that “COVID sped it up.” That doesn’t mean business is going to slow down once the pandemic is over.

“We’re going to keep moving forward offering the convenience of chef-prepped meals at home,” she said, adding that plans for the future include subscriptions, where customers sign up to purchase a certain number of meals each week, and possibly expanding to other locations across the country.